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Now the transport workers' road blockade

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Workers have taken the streets to the safety of transport workers and vehicles. On Wednesday (1 August), the transport workers blocked the road in the signboard area of ​​Siddhirganj on Dhaka-Chittagong highway from 7:30 in the morning.

Workers demanded that their cars should not be vandalized in different places including the capital, so that they could drive safely to the streets.

Nayanganj District Traffic Police Inspector (TI, administration) Mollah Taslim Hossain said that the transport workers blocked the Dhaka-Chittagong highway at the Link Road area from 7:30 am. In this, the vehicles are standing on both sides of the highway from Madanpur to Shani Akhara of Dhaka.

Until 11pm on Wednesday (1 August) the workers did not lift their blockade. Due to the blockade of transport workers, the widespread widespread traffic among pbadengers traveling on the highway. Dacamukhi pbadengers are not able to move in the transport and are moving to the destination.

Senior SP of Narayanganj Circle Abdur Rashid said, "We mean the workers to release the road. We said that since Narayanganj is not being vandalized, you drive it here, leave the road. They are not going to agree, the discussion is going on. '

Before blocking the Dhaka highway to demand safe roads, the students blocked the highway. After a few protests, the police removed them.
Meanwhile, the students of various school college have been brought to the streets in different areas of the capital, including the capital, to demand justice for the criminals and to demand safe roads.

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