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Lost permit two years ago, no driver's license

Dhaka : Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has detained bus driver Masum Billah, in connection with the killing of two students at the airport road. Initial interrogation, he admitted that the license needed to operate the bus is not there. Masum has been living using the driver's license.

On the other hand, the permission for the road movement of Jubal Noor bus expired (Root Permit) expired in October 2016.

Regarding the detention of the accused, RAB said that since the day of the accident, Masum Billah tried to know the position. Two bus drivers, Sohag, Zubair and one of their badociates were arrested from different areas of Dhaka. Masum Billah was arrested from Barguna on Monday.

RAB-1 captain Lt. Colonel Sarwar bin Kashem told 24.com, none of the three drivers have the valid driving license to run the bus. They run illegally by running a private car license. In addition, the permit of the bus to get involved in the accident (root permit) has expired in October 2016.

RAB said that according to the information given by the three drivers, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has been able to ascertain this from the RAB.

RAB The senior officer further says that the accused was involved in the bus driver Masum, the driver of Jabela Nur. A few days ago, he started living with an amateur license.

People related to transport said that due to not being a trained driver, such accidents are occurring on the road.

The leader of the movement wants a safe road, Ilias Kanchan told the messaging24.com that two things work here , Bus owners and drivers have become so desperate today for the patrons in the government. On the other hand, although the government wants to be tough, the bus-truck owner and workers start strike on this, transport strike, so they can not say anything. However, if these cases are not properly judged, such incidents will increase further. [1 9659002] Two students of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College were killed under the pressure of Noor Bus on Sunday, 29 July. At least 14 people were injured.


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