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Justin Bieber's New Project Marriage

Justin Biba. The world famous singer, songwriter and actors These popular artists have decided to sing before and no singing new Beber is going to make her girlfriend Healy Bouncé married .

In 2015, the Babbler model loved Hailie. At that time in the Instagram, he shared photos of several close moments with Justin. But the relationship did not last long. Justin Bieber's name was mixed with many girls. But again, the star has returned to the former.

In the second week of last month, it has been known that Bagber and Model Healy have been engaged. Justin's father, Jeremy Beber, shared a picture of the son in Instagram and said, "The next chapter of your life should be very beautiful."

On Sunday, Bibber came out with his fiancé. During this time, journalists asked him whether he had a new project at the moment?

Biba replied, 'There is only one project, and that is marriage.'

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