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Jeff Bezos is the world's richest man in the world

Amazon founder Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, has been named Amazon's founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos.

His badets are now worth 150 billion or 15 billion dollars. Beyond that, Bill Gates, whose badets amounted to $ 95 billion.

His established company, Amazon, was one of the oldest online retailing companies online. And now it is going to be the fastest trillion-dollar company in the world – that means its value will be $ 1 billion.

Amazon can not be bought – there is nothing like that in the whole world. From Amazon to your pet cat food to multi-dimensional caviar, everything can be bought from anywhere in the world. Not only does Amazon have streaming TVs, such as their own Aerospace companies – so that they can get a travel ticket soon.

How is he so wealthy? He himself knew his future. It sounds like Jeff Bezos had a crystal ball in his hands – so that he could see his own future.

Just two decades ago he was a simple entrepreneur. But he saw an era that when the computer could be bought by one click, the popularity of the shopping mall would be reduced, the shops would be forced to offer various offers to sustain the business.

A few years ago, one of his high school friends In the interview, he always felt that Jeff Bezos would be one of the greatest riches. His words were, 'Do not think that I thought it would be worth the money, instead of money, and how to change the future.'

Jeff Bejos had the ability to understand the ambition, insights and future progress . Which may not be the case for everyone and it was understood decades ago.

He was born in 1964. Still, his parents did not get 19. Very soon they got divorced. Then he grew up in the house of his mother Jackie and the second husband Mike Bezos.

This Mike Bezos was then employed in the Action Company. In his native country Cuba But after Fidel Castro came to power, he fled to America.

One biography of Jeff Bezos is written by Brad Stone. It is said that Jeff was interested in science and engineering from his younger age. At the age of three, he learned to throw his toys with a screwdriver.

When Jeff Bezos was in high school, in his graduation speech, he said that he could see an unexpected time when people would establish a colony in space.

Jeff Bazos Engineering And in computer science, Princeton University Then he went to New York to hire some finance companies. His wife, Mackenzie, was soon introduced to her.

While Bejos was 30, she got a statistic – that was said to be the fastest growing internet. He decided, not a job, would do something himself.

Bezos went to the US city on the west side of Seattle. His savings were some money, and some of the help of the family – in addition to one hundred thousand dollars more was his investment.

He started an online company selling old online books named Amazon. Within just one month, his business began to grow.

Within a month, Amazon sent orders to all 50 states in the United States and 45 countries outside the United States. Five years later, the number of Amazon customers' accounts increased from 1.8 million to 18 million.

At the beginning of the sale was $ 511 thousand, and five years later it stood at $ 160 million. The big company started to come running to the door of the Amazon. In 1997, Amazon became a public company and the money raised $ 540 million.

Bezos became one of the world's richest people before he turned 35. In 1999, Time magazine called him 'King of Cyber-Commerce'. He was nominated as one of the world's youngest 'People of the Year'.

Jeff Bezos's strategy was that he did not hesitate to spend money to earn money. He offered free shipping facility for selling products in Amazon, keeping prices low for 10 years – not considering the annual profit.

Kindle has spent years trying to produce instruments like e-book reader. On the other hand, Amazon has saved the money as much as possible.

Staff at Amazon's head office had to pay for parking cars. The suppliers had to fight, they oppose the establishment of labor unions in the warehouse and where possible – tax evasion.

In June this year, Amazon's products sold $ 530 million. In the first three months the profit has been $ 250 million 5,75,000 people employed in Amazon Which is almost equal to the population of Luxembourg in Europe.

For the people who sell goods in the Amazon, the products are being brought, loan, selling platforms, as well as its 'Cloud Computing Department' offers online data storage facility for many large companies – The biggest.

Last year, they bought food products company Goal Foods, bought online pharmacy. There are many different types of agreements going on. In a word, the enthusiasm of Amazon's new venture has not diminished.

Jeff Bezos is now the owner of the Washington Post newspaper of the United States. Like many other rich, Bezos has an enemy and a lack of competitor. US President Donald Trump is also one of his critics.

Amazon has now increased the cost of lobbyists to deal with critics. Many people say that Jeff Bezos's charity is much lower than the other rich. That is why he is now going to increase charity activities. Is it going to get a 'declaration' soon? Source: BBC

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