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India will send Rohingya back to illegal Rohingyas

The Center has directed the states to collect biometric data from Rohingyas spread across India. Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the Lok Sabha that every state has been asked to inform the number of Rohingya who are there.

After coming to the information from the states, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will start the work of sending Rohingya to their own country. In order to prevent Rohingyas from spreading elsewhere, they have been instructed to look at their movements. The emphasis is on the collection of biometric data.

According to the center statistics, 40 thousand illegal Rohingya resides in India. The maximum number is in Jammu-Kashmir Then there is Telangana BJP BJP MP from Jamnoor complained that at least 15-20 Rohingyas live in their state illegally. Some of them have been accused of involvement in the attack on the army camp in Kashmir.

In connection with militant activities, they have been arrested in the state, many Rohingyas have been arrested. The MP demanded to send Rohingya to their own country immediately to ensure the country's security. State Minister for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said that in this country a section of the Rohingyas are involved in various criminal activities.

They have learned that they are trying to obtain or use the Aadhaar, Voter Cards. Rijiju said India did not give Rohingyas refugees status. In this way, attempts to get citizenship are legal offenses. BJP president Amit Shah also said Rohingyas are not infiltrators, refugees. The Supreme Court has given the position to the government.


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