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In the story of prison, the seven-storey red corridor

The prisoners living in the prison, carrying the responsibility of various crimes, The crime is different, the punishment is very different. Someone has to spend two years, someone has to spend 10 years in prison or in whole life prison. There are also waiting for someone to hang again on four walls of the prison.

There is no family, no friends, there is no light and wind. This is another life. The people of various forms and characters, who live in captivity and live together, become a family. They also grew beautiful relationships among them. There are also laughs, tears, values, huffs, songs and festivals.

The story of the people in the prison is now a continuous play. The play 'Lal Dalan' has been erected for Eid. It will be broadcast on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha in the seven episodes, Boishakhi TV. Kamal Hossain Babar, AHM Hbadan, Jamil Hossain, Barda Mithu and others have played in this play under the direction of indigenous Mizan.


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