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Imran can sit in talks with India-Pakistan Kashmir?

The army of Pakistan seems to have created a way where a specific person is elected without any specific or reasonable reason. Imran Khan seems to be the same as one. Long before the election, his name as the next prime minister of the country was pronounced. Now perhaps many people can guess that whatever the army asked for, maybe someone else did not feel appropriate for their prime minister.

Now the question is why the army is destroying the election process? Looks like the army is actually trying to rule the country by keeping one of their own favorites ahead of themselves. Imran Khan, who has become a politician from politics, has been in politics for a long time, but has never been able to make himself acceptable to the public.

Both General Ziaul Huq and General Musharraf were fully armed men. They governed the country in the same way as the military dictators and the people were stunned. When the Prime Minister was Nawaz Sharif, there was presence of soldiers everywhere and was present in the meetings of its Chief Cabinet to conduct meetings like him.

Democratic countries have openly said that Pakistan was under the rule of the army. Now the testimonial of Imran Khan will be acceptable to the West? It can be understood in the next few months of his rule. It will depend on Imran Khan whether he can please both the ruling army and the people.

The role of India
on the election of Pakistan has so far been seen by the audience. In a speech given after the election victory, Imran Khan said that he has a good relationship with India. Relations
When India moves one step to keep good, she agrees to move two steps. Imran also said that Kashmir is still the biggest problem among the two countries

But the Kashmiris now want their Islamic sovereign republics In other words, Kashmiris no longer look to Pakistan to get support. Even people like Yasin Malik and Shabbir Shah have become irrelevant. Not long ago, when I was in Srinagar to talk with the students. Then I was astonished when I discovered that they were not for Pakistan anymore. According to them, both New Delhi and Islamabad are ruling Kashmir as their own.

How will Imran now change their thinking? According to him, there are only two parties here – India and Pakistan, Kashmiri youth are no parties. Now what is more important on this issue? India will not negotiate with Pakistan until the country has stopped providing shelter to the militants. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has similarly indicated. In such a situation, Imran can sit with India to negotiate with Kashmir? Or to give any badurance on this?

Imran Khan is now in such a weak position that if he intends to give such badurance, it would not be advisable to take it seriously, as long as the army chief does not openly support his position. But there are no such signs at the moment. But there is no doubt that Imran Khan will want to maintain peace in this region to stay in power. Indeed, by increasing the hand of friendship towards India, Imran has proved that he is politically correct and even diplomatically successful. But it will be a real test for him that how much freedom the army will give him to build an equation with India.

India may think that Imran will help more Kashmiri militants. It may be a reason, Imran thinks Kashmir should be part of Pakistan. Secondly, he must prove to the army commanders that he is working on them. India may face situations where there is no war, no peace, no peace. In this situation, Imran's separation of Islam will add different dimensions.

Now Imran Khan should do something that proves that he is with the people. Now he is an army man to the general public of Pakistan. This is such an idea that can not be easily deleted.

Indian journalist and columnist of Kuldip Nayar

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