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'I am the illegitimate child of my mother Shirin Muhammad Ali'

Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt claimed that he is an illegitimate mother of a Muslim mother.

Recently, in an interview given to "Hindustan Times", he said a bit more about his personal relation.

Mahesh Bhatt said, 'I do not know exactly what a parent means. Actually there is no denying my father's father in my life. I have no memory of my father. So I do not know exactly what a father should be like. My mother, Shirin Muhammad Ali, is an illegitimate child. '

Mahesh Bhatt's mother, Shirin Muhammad Ali, was a Gujarati actress. Mahesh Bhat's father's name is Nanavai Bhat. Who was born in the Gujarati Brahmin family. He was also a renowned filmmaker.

In context, he also got Mahesh Bhat as his father, daughter-in-law Bhawat. Mahesh Bhat said, "I once asked my mother what is the name of Amma? Then my mother said to me, that means I'll ask your father. I waited till he told me the meaning of my name. Mahesh is the great + god. It means the God of God. Although in my childhood I did not like the angry God, who cut off his child's head. Instead, I liked Ganesha very much. When I was a boy, I slept under the pillow of small Ganesha. He was very dear to me. My father was a stranger to me like Ganesha's father.

It is not the end here, Mahesh Bhat said in the interview, "I could not be the mother of my mother's dream. I tried, but could not. I was not very good at school. I could not get a good job. Whenever I tried something, I made the mistake, I made it terrible. Whenever I came face to face with myself, I knew about my identity, and then I stumbled. But I was able to say all my secret things. Whenever I'm really worried about who I am, I said it. Starting from my dad, I was able to open my mouth with all the unusual relationships of my life.

But at the end, I made a compromise with my father. I was calm. I found him in my incompetence. In fact, as a man, he becomes very tolerant to him. '

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