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How Tiger batsmen out

T20 was again seen in old Bangladesh. Tigers were able to score 143 runs at the end of the 20 overs, losing 9 wickets and batting fast. Take a look at how the Windies bowlers took wickets of Tiger batsmen.

First Overme Tamim – Soumya Biday

Bangladesh started the innings after Tamim took the first wicket of the match. After that, the Tigers lose the souvenir over Tamim went on to hit the first ball of the first over of the spinner Ashley Nurse. Tamim, who scored 287 runs in the one-day series, was caught in the trap of missing the ball. Then the fourth bowler bowled Soumya as the off-spinner. After after two Liton- Shakib Sajibhai

Kim Palo made fifth in the fifth over Shakib and Liton went out to play big shot. Liton's simple catch at deep square, Fletcher caught Next time Paul gave a short ball to Shakib again. Shakib wanted to play on the third man. But Kerscher became the extraordinary catcher of the 19th Shakib, who scored 19 runs.

Mushfiq returned Kirstri

Mushfiq made 15 runs in 11 balls with the help of Kirsten Williamson, caught in third man region.

Bowled Bowled Ariful [1 9659007] Arriful was bowled by Andre Russell on the first ball of the 15th over, 15 runs scored in 18 balls.

Mahmudullah returned [19659] 003] Big Success Hosts

Going into quick run, Mahmudullah returned in the 16th over. The right-handed batsman, bowled by Kirsten Williams, came forward and bowled. Mahmudullah scored 35 runs in the highest score of 27 3 and 4 in the innings of the innings.

Miraj and Apu returned 19th Over [1 9659003] In the last over of K.C. Williams, playing the slog, . After two balls, Nazmul Islam was the first to make the taluka of Apu on the wicket.

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