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Gelli G series laptop for GEMEERS

Dhaka: A new series of high-performance gaming laptops for gimers brought the world's famous technology company Dell.

On Monday (July 30th), the official launch of the country began with the launch of the Windows 10 Gaming PC Dell G715 system model laptop. This series of new series is called.

The new series is being organized by the Bangladesh National Rai Cricket team's vice-captain Jahanara Alam and Country Manager of Dell Bangladesh, Atiqur Rahman.

Dell officials at the ceremony said, after the successful success of the Inspiron Gaming series, the new Dell's Gaming Laptop Series in the 'Dell G series' The G series has come with the ability to make new and professional gamers and all budget gaming laptops. Launched in the country by unveiling the Dell G715 7588 model laptop.

Dell's new G-Series high-performance gaming laptop technology has played an important role in Marvel Studios' new movie 'Antoine and the Wasp'. Marvel studio Dell's new G-series technology has worked in every case in the Hank Pim's laboratory from the movie 'Ant Man and the Wasp' photo shoots.

Affordable new G series gaming laptops include the eighth generation Intel Core series high power processor and Nvidia Gifs GTX 10 series Graphics Processing Unit (ZPU). There is a special solution to handle heat, software to fix content priority automatically, glare-replacement IPS display and many other features of gamemaking which will satisfy Geheimer.

Dell G715 7588
For those who want a strong performance system for gaming, the Dell G7 brings a wide range of NVIDIA GIFFs GTX 1060 GPUs with just 25 millimeters thin 15-inch chbadis designed in Max-Q design technology.

The system has a 6GB GDDR 5 video memory, a maximum of 6 cores The eighth generation Intel Core series processor (up to Core i9 models), two T-fan and two storage drives where SSOs can be used.

Dell G715 can be available for up to 8th generation Intel Core i9 processor and UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) display.

Killer Gigabit Ethernet Networking Optimization (or Optional Killer Wireless 2×2 LAN) or SmartWite Software will automatically create content downloads automatically. Gaming and streaming will remain uninterrupted.

The laptop has been shown in the front of the air to pull the intake and behind it extinguish the heat. It's designed in such a way that it can be easily removed from the geometer and the sound can be removed. For a long time the user will be heat and freezing.

Dell G715 is capable of appearing with the display of Ultra HD resolution for the IPS Four, so that gimmers can enjoy the game for more realistic gaming.

Dell G715 can be found in Liquoris Black or Alpine White Paint.

Bangladesh Time: 0315 hours, July 31, 2018
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