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Last year, movie 'Dharak & # 39'; was composed in Bollywood by Sridevi Kanya Jahnobi Kapoor. This actor has made a contribution to the audience with the first film. The next film he's 'Roh-Afza & 39'; Rajkumar Rao and Varun Sharma play Jahnobi opposite Dinesh Bhajan makes the film.

In the comedy style Ruh-Afza & 39, you will see Jahnabi performing two roles. His two characters will be named Roha and Afsana. The film was seen in two Bollywood careers in the nineties, which is trying to bring the makers back. Sridevi was also seen in this style of film, such as Chalbaaz & # 39;

'Roha-Afza & 39', said Dinesh Bhajan, that Rajkumar and Varun are both acting actors. The subject of comedy is included. As the film's hero, we needed a comedian to make two characters together and she was in the bin. It is strongly associated with the script. His talent is still new. # 39;

The film is about to start very short. On March 20 2020, Ruah-Afza & # 39; was posted in the theater.

MA / 10: 33/29 March

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