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Dell's G series laptop for gamers

The company came up with a new series of high-performance gaming laptops for gamers, the company Dell. The series was officially launched in the country by launching Windows-10 gaming PC-DEL G515 system model laptop on Monday.
The series laptop was inaugurated by Jahanara Alam, Bangladesh National Women's Cricket Team vice-captain, and Bangladesh National Women's Cricket Team. Country Manager of Dell Bangladesh, Atiqur Rahman.
Dell officials said, the Inspiron Gaming series The G-series, which has been certified to make gaming of all new and professional gamers and all budget gaming laptops, opened in the country by unveiling the Dell G715 7588 model laptop.
Dell's new high-performance gaming laptop technology Marvel Studios' new movie Ant Man and the Wasp played a special role in the making. From all the world's Antique Man and the Wasp movie suites, Hank Pim has worked with Marvel Studio Dell's new G-Series technology in each of the laboratories.
The affordable new G series gaming laptop includes the eighth generation Intel Core series processor and the Nvidia Gifter GTX 10 series Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). There are special solutions to handle heat, software to fix content priority automatically, glare-resistant IPS display and many other features of gamemaking.

Laptops are available in two colors.

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