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Bezos is the world's richest man

The question of who was the richest person in the world would have been answered a few days ago: Microsoft founder Bill Gates. But now it is not. The world's richest man is now Amazon's founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos. His badets are now worth 150 billion or 15 billion dollars. Beyond that, Bill Gates, whose badets amounted to $ 95 billion.

His established company, Amazon, was one of the oldest online retailing companies online. And now it is going to be the first trillion-dollar company in the world – that means it will cost one billion trillion dollars. Amazon can not be bought – there is no such thing in the whole world. Everything from your pet cat food to multi-functional caviar can be bought in Amazon – from anywhere in the world. Not only does Amazon have the streaming TV, even its own aerospace company – that would soon be available for a travel ticket.

How did he become so rich?

He himself knew his future. It sounds like Jeff Bezos had a crystal ball in his hand – so that he could see his own future. Just a few hundred years ago, he was a general entrepreneur.

But he saw an era coming up – when a click on a computer can buy anything, the popularity of shopping malls will decrease, shops offer various types of 'offer' for the survival of the business. Will be forced. Several years ago his high school student said in an interview that he always believed Jeff Bezos would be a rich man one day.

In the 1990's, Bezos: The old owner of an online booklet called Amazon online. His words were: "Do not think that I thought it would be for his money – but what would be done with the money, how to change the future – that was his characteristic."

Jeff Bejos had to understand the ambition, insights and future of the future. The ability to pbad – which may not be enough for everyone. And it was understood decades ago. He was born in 1964, yet his parents did not get married 19 years old. They got divorced quickly.

After that she grew up in the house of her mother Jackie and her second husband, Mike Bezos. This Mike Bezos was then employed in the Action Company. His real country is in Cuba, but after Fidel Castro came to power, he fled to America.

One biography of Jeffrey Bezos wrote: Brad Stone It is said that Jeff was interested in science and engineering from his younger age. At the age of three, he learned to throw his toys with a screwdriver.

When Jeff Bezos was in high school, in his graduation speech, he said that he can see an unexpected time – when people establish colonization in space. Jeff Bezos studied engineering and computer science at Princeton University. After that, he went to New York to work in a few finance companies.

His wife, Mackenzie, was soon introduced to her. When Bezos was 30 years old, a statistic was seen – so that it was said that the rapid growth of the Internet He decided not to work, but to do something himself.

Bezos went to the American West Coast city of Seattle. His savings included some money, and some of the family's help – all of which cost more than one million dollars, was his investment.

Cybercombers King
He launched a company called Amazon 1995 – selling old books online. Within just one month, his business began to grow. [1 945 9 006] Within a month, Amazon sent orders to all 50 states in the United States and 45 countries outside the United States. Five years later, the number of Amazon customers' accounts increased from 1.8 million to 18 million.

At the beginning of the sale was $ 511 thousand, and five years later it stood at $ 160 million. The big company started to come running to the door of the Amazon. In 1997, Amazon became a public company, and the money raised $ 540 million.

Before the age of 35, Mr. Bezos became one of the richest people in the world. In 1999, Time Magazine named him the "King of Cyber-Commerce" and nominated the world's youngest "People of the Year".

What was the business strategy of Amazon?
Jeff Bezos's strategy was to make money It has not been left to spend money. He offers free shipping facility for selling products in Amazon, keeping prices low for 10 years – not considering the annual profit.

On the other hand, Amazon is on the other hand as much as possible – saving money. Employees at Amazon's head office have to pay money to park the car. The suppliers had to fight, they oppose the establishment of labor unions in the warehouse, and where possible – tax evasion.

In June this year, Amazon's products sold $ 530 million. In the first three months the profit has been $ 250 million 5,75,000 people employed in the Amazon – which is almost equal to the Luxembourg population of Europe. For the people who sell goods in the Amazon, the products are brought to bring, loan, selling platforms, as well as its 'Cloud Computing Division' providing online data storage facility to many large companies – which is now the largest in the world.

Last year, Buys Foods, bought online pharmacy There are many different types of agreements going on. In a word, the enthusiasm of Amazon's new initiative has not diminished. Jeff Bezos is now the owner of the Washington Post newspaper in the United States.

Just like many other rich people, Mr. Bezos has no lack of enemies and rivalry. US President Donald Trump is also one of his critics. Amazon has now increased the cost of appointing lobbyists to deal with critics. Many people say that Jeff Bezos's charity is much lower than the other rich. That is why she is going to increase charity activities now. Soon there is going to be a `declaration` on this.

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