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Amir's choice of 'Sarfarosh-2' is John Abraham?

 Is John Abraham an alternative to 'Surfarosh-2'? "Title =" 'Abraham of Sarfarosh-2' Amir alternative? "Clbad =" smp-w100p "/>
                        <p> Online Desk. A second installment of Aamir Khan's blockbuster movie 'Surfarosh' is going to be created. Bollywood Handsome Hanke John Abraham is going to play the role of Aamir Khan starrer Ajay Singh Rathore, who will play 'Sarfaros 2'.</p><p> According to Indian media mid-day sources, director John Matthew Mathan is very interested in taking John Abraham in this role. And based on the Naxal movement, the story of the film is based on the story.</p><p> It is known that the manager's message has progressed far ahead. The story of the sequel of 'Naxal movement' and 'Red Corridor' has progressed. The first one will start again from the story of the new picture.</p><script async src=

However, when asked about the director, he did not say much about the casting of the person. He said the time to give details was not yet available. I'm just creating scripts. Talking to many. There is still no correct information about Casting.

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