A large number of ACP sponsors are government workers

In the last three years, large numbers of people involved in the Anti-Pollution Commission (ACP) visit have been government and staff officers. Again, in the ACC's complaint, there is a growing ban against government staff.

According to the ACC report, against more than half of government officials and staff of recent cases of corruption. Complaints against government department officers in a range of government departments such as land management, finance, health, education, electricity, gas, packaging, land management, health, education, banks, WASA, electricity conventions, roads and roads have all led to the prosecution of officials. public footpaths, banks and banks.

The commission, led by the chairman of the Anti-Terrorist Commission of Mahqud Mahmud, took over the role over 14 March 2016. This commission has arrested 641 people in the last three years. These include 361 government officials. Outside, both the bank and the insurer 141, traders 75, and public representatives 31 were arrested.

The review of Transparency International Bangladesh, published in August 2018, revealed a picture of bribery and corruption. It is said that the level of bribery activity in the financial year 2016-17 10,000 688 crore 90 lakh taka. According to the survey, the most lawful law enforcement agencies in the country Then there is a passport, BRTA, a legal service, a land service, separately.

The Transparency International Bulletin, published in January this year, revealed corruption in 2018. In 2017, Bangladesh had a general situation among the 17 best polluted countries. This year it has been 13th. An increase in corruption in government departments or service departments suggests the situation of Bangladesh on poor corruption.

Complaint against government staff

On 27 July 2007, the ACC-39; has been launched to provide victims and guardians with the ability to directly provide information to victims. It is possible to report pollution and corruption to the AGW by visiting this number free of charge and from a mobile or telephone. According to ACC sources, in the last 20 months this number has received about 21 lakh complaints.

There are a large number of written complaints. According to the ACC report, 17,000 and 007 in 2017, 17,983 complaints were received. Earlier, in 2016, 13 miles, 10,000 415 in 2015 and 12,000 500 complaints were received in 2014. Over half of these complaints are against officers or government staff.

According to the ACC, they were unable to accept any of the allegations as the ACC was not given the timetable. Registered serious offenses include receiving them for review. Some of these offenses were passed to the relevant departments and asked to bring the matter to the AGW.

ACC Commissioner (Research) Mozammel Haq Khan thinks, "The job of ACC is to pledge the government's money, a corruption corruption – so all the protest against government officials and staff is vital. Even though corruption is more likely to be caused by corruption officers and police staff, there is more pollution than polluter pollution than all government offices, and we don't think anybody will ever have access to it. taking corruption. "

Based on the complaint found in the Hotline (106), the organization has attacked many government offices at this time. The establishment of the organization 's Enforcement Unit has taken many measures only after work in the government office. The ACC's Compliance Team has assisted government offices, government offices and public service bodies, government hospitals, BRTA, Gas Tit, WASA, RAJUK, Biman, Civil Aviation, Rural L, rural electricity. An attack team of the ACC was saved by the luxury cars of the CBA leaders of government agencies.

Between September 2017 and February this year, 40 government officials and staff were refused the enforcement campaign. 45 arrested 71 laurels were illegally reclaimed.

The ACC has recruited 50 government officers and staff for 50 in the last three years. The ACC was appointed by the engineer, sub-registrar, land officer, officer in the Narcotics Control Section, food officials, customs officials, income officers, education officers, court benches, former officers, WASA officers, t public representatives.

One of the Chief Engineers of the AKM Fakhrul Islam Shipping Department was arrested by an ACC group from their office including Tk 500,000 bribery, on 18 July, 2017. In April this year, last year Capture the chief engineer of the department SM Nazmul Haque from a hotel in Segunbagichar in the capital city, including five bulls of bulls to discover. Ansar Ashikur Rahman's president was arrested in January this year with one lakh takaas.

Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) believes that high-quality practice in the public sector. There are more opportunities for irregularities. Given the ability of government officials to make decisions, there are more opportunities for misuse. Not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries in the world. Iftechharuzzaman believes that corruption has increased because of the irregularities and corruption of punishment.

Balloons, businessmen and public representatives were arrested

Three years after the arrest of the ACC, chief government officials, bankers, businessmen, public representatives They were arrested at the time of the inspection or charge stage.

Under the WRA Act, AGW officials enjoy the power of research or investigation at the discretion of the police officer. If possible, you can arrest the accused after the suspect or the matter.

In total, 388 people were arrested in 2016. In 2010, 182 individuals, 57 were arrested in 2018 and 14 have been arrested so far in 2019.

Government staff law went on last October, 018. The ACC function was then slightly reduced. It has been suggested in the law that competent authorities will have permission to arrest a government worker if there is a crime related to a crime.

Today, the ACC introduced the Revenue Officer (Administration) Nazimuddin Ahmed, the Cusong Chusttagong Chit (Administration) on 10 January, to confiscate the staff under the Public Service Act. The officers of ACC Tk took 6 lakh as they opened a steel cellar in the room at the bottom of the conventional house. The money was seized in the presence of customs authorities. A few days later on 24 January, an AGW officer was arrested for introducing the Ansham-VDP Area Command of Mohammad. Ashikur Rahman.

Among those arrested in the last three years were the chairman of Firmers Bank, Mahbubul Haque Chisti (Babul Chisti) who was chairman of ABM M Wahidul Haque, the engineer of the Civil Aviation Authority, Udin Udin. Managing Director Keya Cosmetics Abdul Khalek departed the Chief Executive of Citycell Meboob Chowdhury, RAJUK Chairman of Barbara Iddin Chowdhury, who was chief engineer Emdadul Islam, Proctor of the University of Scotland and Vice-Chairman of HM Taheed Zaman, Partex Group Director Shawkat Aziz Russel, Roads & Roads & Roads Officer and Mizanur Rahman (Assistant Secretary), Vasavi Fashion MD Kamal Zaman Molly, Chairman Yasir Ahmed Khan, Chairman of the Hall-Mark Jasmine Islam Group, Customs of Mongla House The former commissioner Nulul Islam, former founder Director of the Offshore Coastline, Shafiq ur Rahman, former director of the Munsie Muayed Ekram, Group t who was managing director of Agrani Bank Mizanur Rahman Khan.

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