& # 39; The university's administration of the job is made clear as a representative of the party rather than being a tutor & # 39;

Today's Dhaka parliamentary student at the Dhaka University today. Although voting runs from 8m to 2m, more than one vote must be thrown until the afternoon. In the meantime, all opposition panels and independent candidates have made major allegations as a voting harbor, BCL opposition and University administration. At the same time, they would indicate the program to suspend the selection and request a new paper. Asked if this election was held against a long demand for students, Professor Nasrin Ahmad from Dhaka University, Professor Anu Muhammad spoke from the University of Economics and the University of Jahangirnagar and Professor of Law University in Dhaka in Scotland. Asif Nazrul spoke to her; question about The Daily Star Online.

Vice Chancellor (Education) Nasrin Ahmad Bangladesh-Kuwait's relationship Ali's friendship has rescued his voting, we do not; Supporting the event at the beginning. But it is true that the case was published before the elections started and elections were finalized by some of the arrangements. An example of Sufia Kamal Hall, he said, as the number of voters was very high, the line went slowly, so many of us have seen this. We also noticed how quickly the boys were able to vote, it gave more time than the girls.

Speaking about the election environment of Sasunnahar Hall, he said the media have been involved. They wanted to live in a polling station. But in the Code of Conduct, it was said that the media could enter.

Ask if the candidates who were in & # 39; Accepting all candidates except for the Chhatra League, he said, "A large student group has been chosen correctly." They did not make any disregard.

A claim that Kota's developers did not; attacking Nurul's panel panel, he also sent out that they were going back. He said, having seen small effects, they were look upset to have the election quiz. Those who refused this election questioned the election.

Professor Anu Muhammad He said, after the national election, that everyone was scared. The corporate elections of Upazila and the city have also considered that. Even after the elections, the EC, the bureaucracy and the police blocked on December 30, there was little to do with; Think about the same thing that might happen in the university. As the university's management of teachers runs at least one level, there was hope among some people. However, University administration clarified their role as a representative of the team or as a BCL representative to become a teacher.

She said that students had a good demand from the start of their election process. Everyone knew about Ganorum's work, creating loyal forces with student students in the first year and frightened that students were aware of the fear of the university. That is why the request for the removal of the polling station was made in the academic building. By accepting this request, the administration administered the message that they wanted to win the BCL League. I have always been in the sense that the administration objective is to give a government student's legal authority, if they are involved in crimes such as jurisdiction, punishment, offers, fighting, sexual abuse. Their aim was for government and administration to place them in legitimate authority. It's like me in advance. Today I have not moved the administration from here.

He also said that since university teachers run their administration, it is difficult for university, as a teacher, it is a shame. Teachers are considered to be offending for moral decline. Those teachers involved in completing ballot boxes or a & # 39; dealing with various anomalies and rigging, crimes are only in moral decline.

This economist professor also said that the government could succeed in creating a horrible kingdom. Here are some of the general teachers who will do what the government or BCL to & # 39; think about fear or fear. They do not exist as teachers. Part of those who are frightened and frightened. It is very sad. This is the biggest emergency in the moment that other mental or other Intellectualities are experiencing; cooperate or not be quiet. It's a huge emergency place.

But meanwhile, Professor Anu Muhammad looks forward to the hopeful place. He said, in the way in which the orders, the helmets, police information groups spread fear among the students, the students come forward, and complain. It is a good place for hope. Again, there are some teachers who have such an argument. As a result, I do not think that the university is in a position; move away from heritage.

Ask about how Daksu's & # 39; Assessing the elections after 28 years of stay, Professor of Law University of Dhaka University Asif Nazrul He said, I was very sorry about what happened, I was sorry but I did not get astonished. When a rural government is elected without voting, if elected at night, then when the government is managed by the university, they will seek to follow the government model. Folklore of the University of Dhaka, the unique character, self-rule – it is not a matter of concern. Even the teachers of that university are not; even think so. They just played as government awards.

The professor of the law also said that the election of the 29th night success was held. In the election name, it was installed in the middle of its Burgundian group. I'm feeling sorry because this election would be a bit; better if yes. Not just the students at Dhaka University, it is the time to resist all conscience in the country. We are liberating the country because the voting rights have not been accepted, the worst of world history have been strengthened by voting.

In the name of democracy, the worst election among the countries around the world in Bangladesh, she said, "It's not just a slap unhappy and handsome about democratic values ​​and human respect , the spirit of volunteer war of the people of Bangladesh. " It will be done, and no one can say – the message is given during the election.

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