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& # 39; I am forced to kiss repeatedly & # 39;

Actress Jarin Khan. Image: Collected

Multiple actresses have become soft on silver screen cast sofas. Some Bollywood actresses sometimes accused of issuing sofas against the director and sometimes the co-star. Actress Jarin Khan is now back with a casting couch.

Zarin Khan said he was the victim of a foundry chair in the middle of his career. Recently he was asked to rehearse a kiss scene during filming. Not once, the director began to insist that the kiss scene be repeated with him. Not only that, I was also forced to rehearse the kiss scene with the director.

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However, Zarin Khan made it clear why the director would not give a rehearsal kiss at the shooting scene with anyone. Along with Jarin, Vidya Balan also shared his experiences with the casting sofas. Vidya Balan alleged that a director in Chennai wanted to take him home.

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