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The Dutch government has banned commercial flights from Britain to the Netherlands, as it cites the first case of the new, rapidly spreading Kovid-19 strain. The ban will remain in force until at least January.

A statement issued several hours before the travel ban restrictions came into force, saying the ban would apply to all passenger flights from the UK to the Netherlands, starting at 6:00 am local time on Sunday.

It described a broad ban on air travel for the entire Christmas period “precautionary measures” need of “Limit” Potentially greater population exposure to the new strain of the virus, which was first detected in the UK and reportedly highly infectious.

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Citing data from a local health agency that recommended a ban, the Dutch government revealed that the tension is believed to be the same, which traced the latest lockdown of UK PM Boris Johnson, revealed in the Netherlands “Early december” As part of a case study.

In light of the situation in Britain, the government said it would “further testing” To determine the case “How did the transition happen” On Dutch soil, and whether mutant strain triggers more cases.

Currently suspending only passenger flights, Amsterdam did not rule out that the ban would also be expanded to cover other modes of transport.

The cabinet is closely monitoring developments related to the Kovid-19 virus abroad and examining the possibility of additional measures for other modes of transport.

The Dutch government has also indicated that more restrictions may be imposed on UK travelers at the European Union level, stating that it may be banned at the EU level for spreading it. “We will consider the possibility of further restricting the import of viruses from the UK” With other block members “In the coming days.”

Shortly after Johnson’s cancellation of Christmas for those living in the cities of London, Southeast and Peterborough, the move effectively canceled those areas under so-called Tier 4 restrictions. People affected by the scheme have been stopped from “Mix with someone outside your home at Christmas,” Johnson said the much-feared new strain is without fault for the rules. There is currently no evidence to be more lethal or more vaccine resistant than earlier versions of the virus, however.

Measures taken to discourage travel have had the opposite effect so far. The footage showed London railway stations were filled with passengers and expected them to exit the Tier 4 zone before Saturday’s midnight deadline.

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