Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson calls Kansas City chiefs’ our kryptonite ‘after another loss

BALTIMORE – Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens once again stumbled against the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 34–20 in Monday Night Football and playing a game in which their 14-season regular season winning streak ended and they were eliminated. Stripped of the cape.

Asked how the Ravens might rise from the odds of beating the Chiefs, Jackson stopped by saying: “Our cryptocurrency.”

Jackson fell to 0-3 against the Chiefs after a career-worst 97 yards. He is 21–1 against the rest of the NFL in the regular season.

In the reigning NFL MVP, Jackson has completed 67% of his passes against the other 31 teams with a 72.9 total QBR. Against Kansas City, it has tied 53% with 58% of its QRBs.

According to ESPN Stats and Information Research, the Chiefs kept Jackson away from his game by blitzing 35% of his games, compared to 29% by all other teams.

“It sounded like the same thing from the Tennessee game [2019 divisional playoff] Jackson said – to be honest.

The Ravens (2-1) were the hottest team in the NFL entering on Monday. He had not lost a regular season game in almost a full calendar year (his last defeat was to the browser on September 29, 2019). Baltimore led halftime in 11 straight games and was stranded in the second half at no point in 13 consecutive games.

But in the second quarter, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs scored a touchdown in four of their first five drives to lead 27–10. Baltimore closed within 27-20 in the fourth quarter, but Kansas City gave up a left-yard touchdown pass to Eric Fisher to take the win.

“I’m really looking forward to earning the right to try to face them again,” Rens defensive end Kailasi Campbell said. “I am very confident that if we played the game we are about to do, we can hang out with those guys.”

Even though it is Week 3, this loss could have implications for the Ravens in January. Baltimore’s chances to capture the No. 1 seed and home-field advantage in the playoffs dropped to 35%, while Kansas City’s chances increased to 43%.

Now, Ravens wonders what he is going to do to beat the Chiefs if they meet him in the postseason.

He said, “They beat us. They killed us. They planned to play. They just beat us.” “That’s the story tonight. Big-picture stuff, all of this, I don’t know. They’re better, obviously. They’re a better football team at the moment.”

The Ravens slipped from first place in the AFC North for the first time since Week 15 of 2018, trailing the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0). This ended a 21-week streak of holding at least a share of the leadership in the division.


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