Baltimore Ravens got all the cards in the trade –

Baltimore Ravens got all the cards in the trade

Baltimore Ravens tackle Orlando Brown Jr. has made it clear that he thinks he is a left tackle and, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, would like to be traded to a team willing to start him there. While there will likely be a ton of teams calling the Ravens’ phone in the coming months, Baltimore shouldn’t be in a rush here.

Regardless of your personal beliefs about Brown’s business wishes, they make perfect sense. The Ravens already have their left tackle in Ronnie Stanley, which earned him a five-year contract extension last season. There is no question that most consider left tackle to be the most important position compared to right side, and Brown has been very clear about wanting to make his father’s dream for him come true. But that doesn’t mean Baltimore simply has to give in to your demands and send it in for a bargain if you’re convinced they trade it.

Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta can establish a firm value in Brown’s services as Pro Bowl left tackle, as he sees himself. Either the other teams will agree with that or not, and both situations work in Baltimore’s favor.

If another GM picks up the phone and agrees to DeCosta’s terms right away, the Ravens don’t have to deal with any potential drama and the winners of the trade will likely walk away. If no one is willing to hit that price, DeCosta can clearly show Brown and his agent that the rest of the league disagrees with his assessment, which could see him return for a year before reaching free agency.

Although Brown hasn’t even hinted at the idea of ​​resisting, it probably wouldn’t do him much good even if it did. With fines for skipping training camp set at $ 40,000 a day, it’s hard to see Brown sitting for long. Even if he does, Baltimore can afford to call out his cheating, as Brown would lose his year of eligibility if he doesn’t make it to Week 11 and would not reach free agency in 2022.

Ultimately, I don’t think the Ravens want to trade Brown. He’s a Pro Bowl tackle, either on the left or right side, on an offensive line that could see new faces at two other positions. The production and continuity it brings to the table are worth far more to a team competing for a Super Bowl than even a first-round pick in exchange for a trade. If, by slowing things down to wait for the right offer, Baltimore manages to get Brown to cool down and come back in 2021, I think they would be much happier.

When it comes down to it, it all points to either the Ravens getting the trade value they want or Brown coming back in 2021. It would be pretty silly if they accepted anything other than those two options and Baltimore hasn’t often been on the wrong side of that. a trade. But regardless of what ultimately happens, don’t expect things to move quickly.


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