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Baker Mayfield tears Hue Jackson as "fake" after media questions were transferred to Oklahoma from Texas Tech

Is Baker Mayfield the NFL's answer to the famous "little wars" and the inter-light drama of the NBA? I hope so, and the first results are at least promising. The quarterback of the Browns He extracted his revenge on Hue Jackson on Sunday., with Cleveland defeating the Bengals 35-20 in a game that saw Mayfield showing his skill set and then despising Hue after the game.

Because we need things to shout about, there were many people who criticized Mayfield for refusing to hug Jackson in the field after the game when his former coach sought him out. That includes former NFL player Damien Woody, who appeared on ESPN's "First Take" and noted that Mayfield also switched teams, transferring from Texas Tech to Oklahoma in college.

The basic construct of the argument makes some sense: Mayfield decided to leave Texas Tech for Oklahoma, another school in the same conference, as Hue left Cleveland for Cincinnati. But there are also some pretty important differences. Mayfield was an unpaid amateur restricted by the NCAA and was required to sit a full year before he could play in Oklahoma.

Additionally, as Mayfield previously detailed, former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury did not offer a scholarship to Mayfield and, basically, the "ghost" after Mayfield suffered an MCL injury. Read about the Mayfield transfer and come to the realization It was not the field marshal being mean about the situation.

Whatever it is, you understand the point, it's not the same. And Baker was pleased to remind everyone, through an Instagram comment in the previous post, that it was not the same. Also Hue Jackson is "fake" and lost 30 games with the Browns.


through Instagram

PARTNER. Basically he is becoming a very small and funny John Dorsey. I love this.

Argue that what Mayfield did (transfer from one university to another while he was out one year) is the same as Hue did: leave the team where he wanted to continue training and go to a rival to play that team twice. The next two months – it's obviously ridiculous.

Woody has a point about the NFL here: the guys change jobs all the time and end up playing against their old teams all the time as well. Baker could very well end up working with Jackson at some point along the way.

But it's very clear that Mayfield is not willing to suffer fools or make any effort in this situation with the guy who created a lot of tension and drama inside the building in Berea. And I, for one, am here because of Mayfield's continued willingness to say what he is thinking.

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