Baker Mayfield responds to a fan site suggestion that Brown should think of Deshon Watson

Cleveland, Ohio – Baker Mayfield’s ears fell short on Thursday, when at least one site suggested that Brown should consider trading for Texas quarterback Deshawn Watson.

The Fans site Doug Pound Daily wrote an article stating that Watson would represent the upgrade, then tweeted with the caption “The Cleveland #Browns need to think about Country Watson.” ‘

Mayfield tweeted, tweeting it with a response, “Some of y’all” browns “are funny,” “which means” brown “.

Mayfield, who went 11-5 this season and lost to the Chief Minister 22-17 in the AFC Divisional Round, mostly stayed out of the Twitter wars this season, but could not help himself this time.

But she probably has nothing to worry about anyway.

The Browns are unlikely to pursue such a trade because they are committed to Mayfield, and because the Texas has no plans to trade the three-time Pro Bowler, despite the fact that he said on Thursday That he still wants to be dealt with. The team appointed David Coolie as its new head coach.

At a press conference on Friday, new GM Nick Cassario reiterated the club’s commitment to Watson, whom he traded from No. 25 to No. 12 with the Draft in 2017 with the Browns.

“He had a great influence on this organization, a lot of people, a lot of influence on this team,” said Casario. He said, “We are waiting for an opportunity to spend more time here this spring once it starts.

“We have zero interest in trading the player. We have a great plan, a great attitude for him and this team, and his role on our team. We look forward to the opportunity to spend more time with him this spring. “

Watson, who reportedly wanted Texas to interview 49-year-old defensive coordinator Robert Saleh before he was hired by the Jets, told the club he wanted to know who the new head coach was, according to several reports .

“The best way to handle relationships is to communicate, be honest and move forward. We are going to do this to everyone in this building, ”said Cassario.

“Players are going to make decisions that we have to make, and we’ll take it in a day.”

In 2019–20, head coach Andy Reid and former Ravens assistant head coach, long receiver coach and longtime disciple of the passing game coordinator, echoed those sentiments and believed he could smooth the waters.

“Countryside Watson is a Houston Texan,” he said. He said, “I was worried about it and I knew it. Whatever he said about what he wanted to do, he is a Houston Texan. I want him to be a Houston Texan. Today I am in this position, because I know that he is a Houston Texan. The said external item is irrelevant to me.

“The most important thing for me is to find out what I can do after talking with (everyone).”

Meanwhile, Brown has made it clear that Mayfield is his future quarterback without being labeled as his “franchise quarterback”. ‘

“This year he did an outstanding job,” Brons GM Andrew Berry said after the season. “That led us to Eoin’s presence in the first playoffs,” he said. We got 12 wins, a very strong relationship developed with Kevin after winning the football all year [Stefanski] And the offensive staff and in fact, as I mentioned last week, it really thrives both on a weekly basis and off the field. We are very happy with him.

He said, ‘We were not without his performance at the end of the season. It was a truly tremendous season.

The next order of trade for Browns about Mayfield is to use his fifth-year option somewhere between $ 18 million and $ 21 million for 2022 by the May 3 deadline. After that, they will determine if he is signing the long-term contract extension that he deserves for this right is the right move, or if they will wait and see if some or all of the next season How do you go

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