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Baker Mayfield clarifies the comment of the Miami Dolphins on the Instagram of Kenny Stills

It is officially the NFL draft season, and speculation will continue to increase in the coming months as to who will finish in April. One of those draft prospects is former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, who is part of a class of loaded 2018 quarterbacks.

While the projections of where Mayfield will end up are not entirely consistent, for a while it seemed he wanted to end the Miami Dolphins, as was evident in a comment he made on Instagram live from Miami wide receiver Kenny Stills:

A few hours later, Mayfield clarified his comment on Twitter:

The Dolphins are ranked 11th in the first round and 10th in the second round. Miami does not exactly need as a quarterback with Ryan Tannehill on the list returning due to injury, but it could be argued that Mayfield could run to Tannehill for his money for the starting job if he ends there.

Outside of Miami, Mayfield has other solid landing points. Dan Nadar of SB Nation pointed out a few days ago that the Denver Broncos seem to be interested in him:

Although the Broncos have often chased bigger quarterbacks like Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler or even Trevor Siemian, who is 6 & # 39; 3, could fall in love with Mayfield. Specifically, they requested to train Mayfield in the Senior Bowl next week, so we will learn more about this adjustment soon.

And Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN, who made Josh Allen of Wyoming the No. 1 overall in his first 2018 draft released On Thursday, Mayfield lands in Washington with the No. 13 selection. This is really a concept intriguing, given that Kirk Cousins' free agency status makes it uncertain whether he will be with the team next season:

It will depend on whether the team can keep Kirk Cousins, but if Washington does not do it, probably will be in the market for a field marshal. Still, Kiper does not seem to think that Mayfield has a chance to go too high than No. 13.

"Do not count on the winner of the Heisman Trophy being so high," Kiper wrote. "He's going to have the opportunity to impress the scouts in the Senior Bowl, and I know they're interested in seeing how he behaves."

We'll see where Mayfield ends in a few months.

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