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Baidu, the Google of China, has three new smart speakers at CES 2018


The smart lamp speaker Sengled.


Baidu is already known as the "Google of China". In CES 2018, the Chinese company wants another title: the "Alexa of China". To that end, Baidu shows a trio of smart home helpers here in Las Vegas: the Little Fish VSI smart speaker, the Sengled smart lamp speaker and the Pop-Aladdin.

All three devices have the Baidu AI, called DuerOS, and all three will respond to their voice commands, answer their questions and control smart home devices. That functionality is similar to Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, popularized by the Amazon Echo smart speaker. At this point, Alexa is integrated into a wide variety of devices and Baidu seeks to follow suit.

In fact, we saw an initial prototype of the Little Fish VSI Smart Speaker at CES last year. Now it looks much closer to a finished product. In addition to the usual tricks that you would expect from a device you take after Alexa, the Little Fish camera will really recognize your face and customize the responses accordingly.

Both Alexa and the Google assistant do this to a certain extent with voice commands, but none employ facial recognition with their digital assistants yet. Otherwise, wait for Little Fish to use your screen in a similar way to an Amazon Echo Show. You can watch videos, make video calls and see information relevant to your questions.


The Pop-Aladdin projector.


The smart lamp speaker Sengled is a lamp with DuerOS, while Pop-Aladdin is a dome light that works like a projector. Both have built-in speakers. The lamp can travel through several lighting modes to help set the mood. The projector plays its favorite programs through the Baidu transmission partners.

None of the devices are scheduled for launch in the United States so far. I hope they are launched beyond China at some point, as I would certainly enjoy a talk with my projector.

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