Bahrain will normalize relations with Israel, Trump says

President Trump announced on Friday that Bahrain would establish full diplomatic relations with Israel after the United Arab Emirates, in another sign of changing Middle East dynamics that are bringing Arab nations closer to Israel, separating Palestinians. Are isolating and joining Mr. Trump as a campaign- peacekeeper.

Mr Trump announced the news on Twitter, issuing a joint statement with Bahrain and Israel, calling the move “a historic breakthrough for peace in the Middle East”.

Following an announcement by Israel and the UAE last month that they would normalize relations with each other on the condition that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not comply with the West Bank’s Annex parts plan. Trump administration officials said they hoped the agreement would encourage other Arab countries to take similar steps with historically hostile relations with Israel.

Bahrain, a small island kingdom off the east coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf, is of strategic importance to Washington as host to the fifth fleet of the US Navy.

The agreement was largely touted by Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has led the administration’s effort for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. That project has been largely halted as a major peace plan was released by the administration in January in favor of Israel in what analysts called unacceptable for the Palestinians.

Since then, Mr. Kushner and other Trump officials have diverted their energy toward Israel’s relations with other Arab countries, as a means of showing the Palestinians that their demands will no longer dictate the region’s broader dynamics .