Bad news for Prince Amukmar

It was bad news again for former Nebraska Cornhuskers Prince amukmar, Which according to several reports on Twitter this morning was on the receiving end of every football player receiving a phone call.

Amukmar, who signed with the Las Vegas Raiders last year after a two-productive season with the Chicago Bears, is back on the market. The Raiders were working with many of their young players during camp and Amukmar, who signed in May, became a casualty.

Now back on the market, Amukmar will be approached by several teams who can still use defensive health.

Only 31, Amukamara is a 2011 first-round draft pick by the New York Giants, played in 15 games, making 15 for Chicago last season. He recorded 53 tackles, defended 10 passes and forced a fumble. Amukamara spent a total of three seasons in Chicago, of which he began 42 games at the Beers Uniform. He made three interceptions, and was steady on the corner for the NFC North franchise.

Amukamara has played for the New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars and Bears in his nine-year career and has passed 80 passes and 10 interceptions during his career.

A first-team All-American in 2010, Amukamara was named the 12 highest defensive player of the year by league coaches in the same season after tackling 59 and breaking 10 passes. During his hunker career, Amukamara racked up 181 tackles, 4.0 sacks and intercepts five passes.

He joins a list of former commanders in the free agency market, including the defensive tackle Nidamukong Su And Malik Collins.