Bacteria sick more than 500 in the Tyrolean center of Tennessee | State news

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) – Tennessee authorities say the E. coli bacterium caused the disease that affected more than 500 people at a zip line attraction.

Gail Harmon is deputy director of the East Tennessee Department of Health. Harmon tells the media that water samples from the CLIMB Works Zip Line Canopy Tour in Gatlinburg are headed to Nashville after initial tests uncovered E. coli bacteria and total coliforms. Using the CLIMB Works online sales records to email 2,901 user surveys, the Tennessee Department of Health found that 548 of the 808 respondents reported illnesses.

The health department says that respondents visited CLIMB Works between mid-June and the beginning of July and are in multiple states CLIMB Works has cooperated with the health department and is offering reimbursements to the sick.

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