‘Bachelor’ contestant Serena Pitt is apparently super blunt with Matt James

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As fans slowly get to know contestants on Matt James’ Single Seasons, are some that are beginning to emerge as the starting front. One of them is Serena Pitt, who looked like she was engaged to Matt for the first time when they met.

Serena has yet to find a ton of screen time (on you, Queen Victoria), but her moment is coming. Here’s what you need to know about reality TV stars:

Serena is one of the youngest contestants this season.

Yes, she looks 22 years old – the second youngest woman to compete for Matt’s 28-year-old heart. (The youngest contestant is actually Kit Keenan aka, the daughter of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley.)

His post-grade work is … interesting.

Serena works as a publicist in Toronto, according to her official Single Biography. But, according to her LinkedIn profile, Serena is actually an intern at Toronto-based publicity firm McIntire Communications, and since August 2020. She also works as a brand ambassador for a company called Cotton Candy Event Staffing.

She used to be a competitive dancer.

Serena isn’t super into Instagram — or, at least, she wasn’t before the show debuted — but she has found plenty of posts that reference her previous experience as a competitive dancer.

Serena does not mimic words or play games.

Host Chris Harrison said in a YouTube video that this season’s contestants were announced Bachelor While Serena and Matt feel that “that’s the point,” their bluntness may be an important point for them. “She always tells everyone, including Matt, where he stands, how he feels, what the score is” Chris said. “Now Matt will hear that? We’ll find out.”

But she seems a little inexperienced in love.

Serena has “never taken the time to pursue true love,” according to him Single Bio, “But now, this usually logical thinker is throwing his rulebook out the window and is ready to meet the man of his dreams.” What is she looking for, exactly? She wants “a man who would enjoy spending quality time with her – whether they were bering in a low-key bar or a court-court sitting in a Toronto Raptors game.”

Serena is big on travel.

Or, at least, she was pre-epidemic. Serena has plenty of Instagram shots in cold places including the Bahamas, Jamaica and Budapest.

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