Baby Yoda is back: Disney + launches new ‘Mandalorian’ trailer

Disney on Tuesday gave fans its first look at the second season of their breakout streaming hit, “The Mandalorian”.

The two-minute trailer led viewers to a galaxy, where a hunter known as the far-off Mandorian and his little green friend nicknamed Baby Yoda fought their way through the hive and villainy scattered throughout the Star Wars universe.

“Wherever I go, he goes,” Mandorian, played by Pedro Pascal, can be heard saying in the trailer.

Disney made sure Tuesday’s trailer showcased everything that fans and Disney + customers loved about the show’s first season. It featured Blaster Gun battles, rusty spaceships, remnants of the evil empire and of course, Baby Yoda, well, lovable.

The series, which launched Disney’s streaming efforts last November, was an instant success. The show was well reviewed, dominated by the social chatter, and even the “Star Wars” film, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” opened last December.

Not to mention, this made Baby Yoda Mal a hotter item than the Death Star’s secret plans.
In many ways, “The Mandalorian” helped Disney +’s quick rise in the streaming world. Disney (The district) It was announced in April that it enrolled more than 50 million paying customers globally in just five months. This put it within the striking range of its initial customer estimates.
& # 39;  Mandalian & # 39;  Season 2 is (almost) here

The much-awaited second season of the hit series is another big win for Disney in a year.

The coronovirus epidemic forced the company to close its parks and resorts for months, push back production on new content like Disney +’s Marvel series, and wreak havoc with Disney’s theatrical schedule by delaying blockbusters.

The second season of “The Mandalorian” on Disney on October 30.