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Baby pronounced dead wakes up on his way to the funeral

Two doctors in India have been fired after a baby declared dead woke up in a plastic bag on the way to his funeral.

Doctors are now under investigation in what Max Healthcare in New Delhi has declared an "unfortunate incident". "

The mother gave birth to twins on Thursday (local time), one was born dead, and the other was declared dead shortly after birth.

The babies were placed in plastic bags and taken to a crematorium, but on the way, the parents discovered that the second child was still alive.

The baby was taken directly to the hospital and placed on life support, his condition is now unknown.

"We are shocked and worried about this rare incident," the hospital told USA Today, adding that it is in "constant contact" with the parents.

The father, known only as Ashish, told Delhi-TV that doctors also demanded extra money to improve the chances of keeping the baby alive and his mother, who was injured during pregnancy.

s records and hospital surveillance are now under review.


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