Baby Giraffe dies at Nashville Zoo after mother steps in

Nasha, the first mother of 6, gave birth to a healthy calf on Saturday after a complicated delivery, according to the zoo.

But after the birth announcement, zookeepers noticed that the calf was in crisis. Shortly afterwards, he declared a tragic loss.

The zoo wrote, “We are heartbroken to announce that the intoxicated calf died soon after our birth announcement. The calf was accidentally stepped on by its mother.”

The zoo wrote, “Our animal care team intervened immediately, but failed to save the calf.” “An early necropsy showed trauma to the neck but further testing will be done to determine if there were any underlying causes for the newborn’s death. To support you in the last few weeks and especially during this difficult time. Thank you all. “

“We are devastated at the calf loss of intoxication,” Zoo director of veterinary medicine Dr. Heather Schwartz said. “Our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that the best care can be given to this calf. We nevertheless moved from the fear of fear to the joy of resurrection.”

The zoo said that birth-related complications prompted the zoo to take down live feed during the birthing process.
“Surprise! The calf of intoxication has arrived, just differently than we expected! There were some complications with labor and our team stepped in to assist with the birth. Both mother and baby are doing fine…” Zoo Tweeted At that time.

Schwartz said that the calf appeared to be thriving, and they decided to move the newborn with her mother. Schwartz said the two were in a relationship, but Nasha inadvertently injured his calf during this time.

6 years old, with her newborn calf.
According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the Masai giraffes are endangered by a nearly 50% reduction in their population over the past three decades.

The intoxication is progressing well and according to the zoo, the keepers will provide her with plenty of rest and care for the next few days.


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