Baarack, a rescued sheep, ‘gets more confidence every day’ after losing 75 pounds of wool

A sheep found roaming Australia had over 75 pounds of extra wool weighing it down. The sheep, named Baarack, received a much-needed shearing from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary after he was rescued earlier this month.

Beneath the heavy fleece, Baarack was actually underweight and is now on the mend, thanks to his new friends.

“Baarack is getting more confident every day!” is read on a TikTok of the sanctuary.

“That Baarack, despite being a prey animal, and having had so little contact with our kind, now turn and look at us, walking curiously forward to touch our outstretched hand, leaves us little doubt that he associates the kindness we have given him with something worth associating with, “reads a post on the sanctuary’s Facebook page.

They detailed the love and care employees gave Baarack.

“From removing all that wool, removing the long, pointed grass seed that had gotten stuck between his cornea and eyelid and causing a nasty ulcer, to the many hours we spent painstakingly plucking dozens and dozens of grass seeds tenaciously Determined that they had made their way into his flesh, Baarack, a being of reason, sees us as the good guys. “

Baarack was spotted in a forest by a property maintenance man working on a nearby property, a sanctuary employee said. USA Today.

It appears that the sheep was once owned, with an ear tag that was ripped off, possibly because of the thick fleece near its face.

Sheep should be sheared at least once a year, according to experts, to keep the wool light enough for the animals and prevent possible infection.


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