Ayesha Curry lost 35 pounds during quarantine – here’s how she did it

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Photo courtesy of fitbit

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Ayesha Curry is the ultimate quarantine fitness inspection.

Back in May, the 31-year-old Canadian-in-law actress and father-in-law took to Instagram to reveal that she had lost 35 pounds in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with her showing her toned physique on full display in two . -Pipal bikini.

“It took me a long time,” she captioned the photo that her husband NBA star husband Stephen Curry shot.

Since then, new York Times The bestselling author, chef and restaurateur, has focused on her two passions, fitness and food, in conjunction with Fitbit Premium to develop exclusive original ingredients inspired by her personal health journey.

“I started my fitness journey because I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and the people who depend on me. But it was important that I did it in my own way, which meant that I should work to fit in my life, not get away with it, ”Curry revealed in an Instagram post partnering with Fitbit. “I hate term balances, because I don’t think there’s a formula that works for everyone, but I believe that making time for yourself to exercise is never wasted. So I went to find ways to incorporate healthy habits. Busy schedules, and picked up some tricks (easy 10-minute workouts, fast healthy recipes, etc.) along the way. “


This subscription provides Aisha’s best health tips, workouts, tasty and nutritious food ideas and family-friendly activities, along with many personalized coaching and perks that come with the Fitbit Premium.

“Fitbit has come in handy through premium quarantine. It was great when I was traveling and out of my routine – I was able to tap into the huge library workout stuff anytime, anywhere, so I didn’t fall on track. It is a great resource for going home and to work, ”she explains Yahoo Canada Lifestyle. “My Fitbit Premium Summer Series for Fitbit includes four short, easy-to-use workout videos, each focusing on a different part of your body, specifically Fitbit Premium. My quick workouts that will be in the Fitbit app will include arm circuits, core body strength, legs and glutes, and incrementing stretching / slow or HIIT bodyweight. This variation helps you hit both weight and cardio depending on your goals. ”

As a woman with many recipes, here, Ayesha shared with us the best nutrition and fitness tips.

Invest in simple and manageable gym essentials

“Get yourself some simple equipment, such as weighing two and three pounds; resistance bands; A nice, padded mat; And a bench or chair. I’m in bodyweight, so I don’t need much equipment-wise.

Focus on your ZZZs

“Being healthy is not just about what you do in the gym or in the kitchen – it’s also about the in-and-out and how it all fits together. I never realized how much sleep affects everything else, but what I’ve learned from my Fitbit Sleep data is that I don’t get enough of it, so the next thing is that I’ll work. It is very much linked to our overall health and is so important. “

Maintain a solid nutrition morning routine

“My routine usually starts with coffee mixed with ghee and coconut oil. I try to drink 32 ounces of water before noon and savor it with cucumbers and lemons. I, too, will be a pair [of] See also the recipe in Fitbit Premium.

Be food conscious, but do not take food

“I am really in partial control of any kind of diet, and try to avoid nutritious, delicious food in moderation. I keep track of the food I’m putting in my body through the Fitbit app on my phone, and calories are in my eye toward my daily goal. “

Love your vegetables

“We’re a ‘Green Veggie’ Family – We Love Brussels” [sprouts], Asparagus and broccoli. I like to fry everything over high heat to give it a nice hashish and enhance the flavor of the vegetable. There is nothing I like more than a pot / one sheet pan dinner, so most nights I season one protein and roast it with vegetables. “

Create food tradition

“Chicken divine is a family favorite – it is comforting. It’s a fairly basic dish, but when we were dating, it’s one of the first things Stefan made for him, so it’s nostalgic. I do a light braiding using Panco instead of regular bread crumbs, and whip up a super-fast and fresh tomato sauce for the topping. “

Make it a family affair

“Stephen and I are riding a bike outside together which has been really good, or try to do our workouts together. Even kids will occasionally get to workouts! It’s like a summer camp with Stephen and I’m both at home, so we try to keep the kids active. ”

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