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On the first official day of AWS re: Invent, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jbady unveiled a series of announcements, with more than 20 new features and services launched during his inaugural speech.

With Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning they took center stage on Wednesday morning, and Jbady himself promoting machine learning as the buzzwords worthy of his exaggeration, a buzzword from the industry that did not have transmission time was blockchain.

Speaking to journalists following their keynote, Jbady revealed that AWS spends a lot of time looking at blockchain, but it's not something that users expect services to focus on in the immediate future.

"We have many clients and partners who build blockchains on top of AWS, or are building services to use blockchain on top of AWS," Jbady said. "We are watching it carefully."

"We still do not see many practical cases of blockchain use that are much wider than the use of a distributed ledger, we do not build technology because we believe that technology is great, we only build it if we believe we can solve a customer problem and building that service is the best way to solve it. "

According to Jbady, ​​the vast majority of use cases that customers are turning to chain blocks can be solved using other methods, most of which AWS boasts within its existing capabilities.

"There are other ways to solve those problems," he said. "We are very intrigued by what customers are finally going to do there."

On the subject of a potential spin-out of its parent, Jbady said that it is not necessary, since both Amazon and AWS have no requirement to have completely separate balances.

"I've been to Amazon for 20 years, and I learned at that time to never say anything," he said. "But I would be very surprised if we distributed AWS because there is no need to do so.

" The company has been so kind in committing the amounts of capital we have needed to grow AWS, and by the way, it takes a lot of capital. "

Also on Wednesday, AWS announced a handful of customers wins, including the NFL, the Walt Disney company and Expedia.


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Disclaimer: Asha McLean traveled to AWS re: Invent as an AWS guest.

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