‘Awkward Al’ targets President’s debate with new song ‘We are all Doomed’

“Strange Al” Yankovic has fully articulated Tuesday night’s chaotic presidential debate with the title of his funny new song: “We’re All Doomed.”

The King of Parody song played the role of a middleman over a spoiled debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, which political commentators called “embarrassing” and “dumpster fire”.

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“We’re all going to waste!” He says in the beginning. “People are breathing this living poison and it’s trying to float in my holes!”

Yankovic, who collaborated with the comedy group The Gregory Brothers on the song, then dances on the pretext of moderate commentary by Trump and Biden, who auto-tune to go along with the beat.

“A raging hell of 2020, any ideas on how to stop the worldwide plague?” He asks.

In addition to the coronovirus epidemic, the “Amish Paradise” singer touches on storm, job loss, murder horns and vaccine conspiracy theories, making it a year in 2020 in which he says “you can’t tell hell or reality.” “

“We live in the apocalypse / I beg you to put a stop to ‘this / beautiful plaintiffs” sings in the chorus.

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