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Posted on November 23, 2017 |
by Carolyn Fortuna

November 23, 2017 by Carolyn Fortuna

The awakening of global consciousness is a gradual and often frustrating process. The uncertainty due to instability in economic, governmental, political, environmental and healthcare models can make us feel emotions that range from discouraging to anguished, angry and ready to act. There is a shift in consciousness around the world as diverse social structures propel us to think about the ways in which each of us can make a difference. Perhaps those changes in what we once considered a natural flow, a cycle of progress of giving and receiving, have been interrupted. Or perhaps a confluence of scientific, ancient and spiritual knowledge is awakening us and we realize that our current difficult climate requires individual contributions and activism.

Regardless of the reasons why we have come this far, we are taking more into account than ever before. We are coming to a place where our realizations of our most authentic experiences grow. We are taking the feelings that result from our consternation and recognizing that we have to change the contemporary political regressive and often reductive era of the environment in which we live. We just will not take it anymore. Consciousness, which is an awareness of how we function as beings and how humanity interprets our world, can help us see things from new perspectives.

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Awakening global awareness: oil comes out of Keystone Pipeline

Take, for example, the news that came from TransCanada, which closed its Keystone oil sands pipeline from Alberta to Cushing, Oklahoma, after discovering a leak about three miles southeast of Amherst, South Dakota. A total of 210,000 gallons of oil escaped and crews closed the pipeline on Thursday, November 16, 2017, while investigating the cause of the leak. A spokesman for the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Brian Walsh, acknowledged that this is the largest Keystone oil spill to date in South Dakota. The leak occurred a few days before Nebraska officials made recommendations on whether a complementary project would advance.

What kind of reactions arose from the announcement that the Keystone tar sand pipeline was leaking?

◊ In response, Sierra Club The director of the Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign, Kelly Martin, issued the following statement: "We have always said that it is not about whether a pipeline will be spilled, but when, and today TransCanada defends us This is not the first time that TransCanada's pipeline has spilled toxic tar sands, and it will not be the last.The PSC must take note: there is no safe tar sands pipeline, and the only way to protect Nebraska communities of more spills of tar sands is to refuse Keystone XL. "

land Kent Country owner Kent Moeckly, a farmer north of where the oil leak occurred and who has an oil pipeline under his property, talked about the leak. "Well, it's like the other shoe that falls." Many people told us that when TransCanada put this on the floor, that the conditions were sloppy and wet, and that they just took it because, in a hurry, time is money. "

" When TransCanada put it on the ground, the conditions, he was careless, and he was driven because time is money "

– Ruth H. Hopkins (@RuthHHopkins) November 18, 2017

Politicians overcome strategies coal removal and Trump intransigence

At the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom announced that they are spearheading a global coalition to eliminate the use of coal altogether. France, Finland, New Zealand, Italy and other countries, as well as at least 20 other entities, including US states, Canadian provinces and companies.

Who else is expressing themselves as anti-coal activists? global greenhouse effects?

Power The Powering Past Coal statement states that countries committed to coal removal will work together to share real-world examples and best practices to support coal removal, including through climate finance, and take practical initiatives to support this transition, including the development of clean energy plans and objectives.

◊ The Netherlands have joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance and demand that their new government strictly comply with the coal removal targets by 2030.

The Netherlands joins the Powering Past Coal Alliance, now the new government must end the power of coal (by 2030) in its program.

– Kees van der Leun (@ Sustainable2050) November 18, 2017

Scientists of the world unite and promote the awakening of the global conscience through the adoption of measures

The World Alliance The scientists suggested 13 steps that humanity can take to avoid an existential crisis. Environmentalist William Ripple of Oregon State University was the main writer of the narrative, which was published in BioScience . "Humanity has not made enough progress in the overall solution to these anticipated environmental challenges, and alarmingly, most of them are getting worse … It will be too late to change the course of our failed trajectory."

What is being done? to increase global awareness of anthropogenic climate change?

◊ The Alliance of World Scientists has disseminated the following offer: "If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline (for example, ecology, medicine, economics, etc.), we invite you to endorse our Viewpoint article in the journal Bioscience entitled "World Scientists Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice" by Ripple et al. (2017). "

◊ The Drawdown Project describes when and how humanity can achieve the reduction of climate, the point at which the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decrease. They have designed a challenge to meet that reduction goal through ideas that scale climate solutions through new companies, use design thinking and incorporate business planning.

Act on Drawdown solutions with @netimpact Drawdown challenge – Implement, share and innovate

– Drawdown (@ProjectDrawdown) November 8 2017

Tesla is awakening the global awareness of heavy carrier emissions through its new Semi [19659010] Finally, Tesla revealed its plan to produce a clbad 8 Semi weigher. The Tesla prototype is predicted Semi, with its aerodynamic fairings and electric motor, will reduce the cost per mile below today's fossil-fueled machines. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, who made the cover of Rolling Stone on November 15, 2017, said that a standard diesel truck would be 20% more expensive to operate than a Tesla truck: $ 1.26 per mile compared to $ 1.51 per mile. Tesla's marketing calls this "Badbad Performance" and suggests that the Semi will be "the fastest" of all the great teams in acceleration, from zero to 60 mph in 20 seconds, fully charged and on the rise.

What is the reaction? the announcement of Tesla Semi has been to awaken the global awareness of long distance transport at a time when 70% of consumer goods in the US. UU Are they sent by truck?

◊ Markets responded favorably to the Semi reveal, with Tesla shares jumping as much as 4% in the first trading the day after the announcement.

◊ JB Hunt Transport Services announced that it had reserved a number of Tesla Semis, which will be part of the 600-800 trucks that the company intends to add to its fleet by 2018.

◊ Even Wal-Mart, that monstrous retailer , has revealed that it is planning to test Tesla's electric semi-trailer-trailer and has pre-ordered fifteen. The trucks are destined to the EE regions. UU And Canada.


– Tesla (@Tesla) November 17, 2017

.Earth Domain Continues Reforestation Initiative

Interlink Co., Ltd. celebrated the second anniversary of the public launch of the top-level .Earth domain (TLD) by committing to generating an impact in the real world by planting one tree for each new .Earth domain name that is registered online. The .Earth partnership with mussy.Earth is part of a carbon offset initiative. Yes, they recognize, most of our daily activities generate CO2 emissions. But our decisions about how we move, how much we travel and the events we attend can dramatically increase this. The company tries to help us reduce our footprint with a variety of solutions to meet different needs. Y. Earth, a social enterprise whose objective is to generate an environmental change and have a positive impact on the state of the jungles and forests of the planet, is generating positive results in the projects:

The Faia Brava redevelopment project in the Coa Valley: reforestation efforts will focus on creating a mosaic of treetops to provide habitats and shade for wildlife while reinforcing water lines;

◊ Vale de Moses: By reforesting the valley of the river and the slope of the valley, the project seeks to demonstrate, for example, the long-term value of repopulation in an area dominated by monocultural commercial crops such as eucalyptus and acacias; and,

◊ Montis Summer Wildfires: What should be a thriving oak forest is now a green desert. This project aims to develop sustainable land management practices to deal with Portugal's voracious summer forest fires.

I've always been a bit skeptical of carbon offsets, but I'm very excited about Mossy Earth. I just made up for my …

– Alex Honnold (@AlexHonnold) August 25, 2017

Effects of clean technology activism on the awakening of conscience global

In the last decade or so, we have seen a change in how the human ego drives our worlds. Starting with our daily life and local knowledge, we question previously accepted notions about who we think we are, why we allow separation between peoples, what are the effects of competition on our collective health and how power is negotiated. Many of us realize that our essential self is part of a collective well-being.

Recognizing the role of CleanTech can keep us connected with innovation and change, while also accepting a change of consciousness of the individual as they all do. We are elevating our sense of knowing our worlds through more acute perceptions of self and others, reevaluating priorities, identifying beliefs and examining our world with new filters. Sure, maybe the impulse begins with the choice of a domain that plants a tree. Or it could be much bigger, like fighting to completely eliminate fossil fuels from our lives. But, whatever the degree of activism, there is hope. Philosopher Rebecca Solnit reminds us that the future is unknowable, and that is a good thing. Why? Because it creates space for creative intervention.

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