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Avril Lavigne’s new album is coming soon and her return will make the children of the years & # 39; 00 super emotional

She is coming back and giving him everything. Seven years since his last album was released, Avril Lavigne's new album will be released this year. And it seems that the singer has poured her heart and soul into the project. On Friday, April 20, the singer of "Complicated" made her first appearance on the red carpet in two years at the 25th Annual Race to Erase MS in Los Angeles. She took the opportunity to mock details about her long-awaited album, and revealed why releasing it will represent her final recovery.

Four years ago, the singer was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which is why she had to put her musical career on hold. Now, she is hungry for her return to the stage, and it seems she has been for a while. "I have written a really powerful album, [a] truly emotional album, which reflects where I am today," said Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet. Lavigne also revealed that the album is planned for this year. "In fact, I'm going to finish in two weeks," he said.

Not only is he recovering from a difficult illness, but he is rethinking his position in the music industry landscape. She told ET

"I write all my songs and I always did them, and these songs are different, I'm writing about what I'm going through now"

] Famous for her 2002 pop hit "Complicated" It seems that his new work will have more mature themes and potentially new sounds.

She has been keeping fans up to date on the progress of the album, and showing her dedication and enthusiasm to finally launch the project on the way. Lavigne is certainly not taking the opportunity to create more music lightly. "It has been a long time to be here … I have recovered my life", continued ET . "[It’s] amazing, it's something that I continue to work on every day, and [I’m] I'm grateful to be making music."

As she explained earlier to People Lavigne's Lyme disease was a hard blow that left her bed prostrate for five months and made it difficult for her to breathe, talk and even move. His recovery and his album have been slow to arrive. Lavigne made fun of music for the first time in December 2016 with an Instagram post. ,

"I wanted to thank my fans first for their patience and support during my time away during my battle with Lyme disease in the last 2 years, I can not wait to open and share my heart with you! listen to the new songs. "

Lavigne took the stage for the last time in September, when she joined her ex-husband, Chad Kroeger, and Nickelback in a surprise appearance to perform the band's song "Rockstar". "

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Luckily, Lavigne seems to be really in repair, and it looks like her punk rock signature is still intact, but it will be interesting. The sound of his new work, in his duo of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Jonny Blu that was released last winter, showed a completely new and intriguing sound.From the aspect of social networks, it seems that Lavigne will play the piano on the new album in addition to singing, this could indicate the new direction the singer could take for her first studio album since 2013.

In general, it seems that her attitude has not changed The musician's return to Red carpet makes it clear that she is as scary and in love with music as ever, things may have gotten complicated, but it seems that Lavigne has not changed much in the process.

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