Avalanche stops elimination again, force against game 7 stars

There was no self-pity from Colorado Avalche after his team lost 6 to Dallas Stars coach Rick Bowness and took a 3–1 series lead.

“We put ourselves in this situation. Hey, we’re in Game 7. Deal with it. We’ve made it a tough night for the whole team,” he said after the 4-1 loss to the Avalanche in Edmonton, Alberta. Wednesday night.

In the first leg, defenseman Miro Hiskanen opened the scoring for the Stars, with Avalanche scoring the next four goals and making plays for the second straight game. Third-order goalkeeper Michael Hutchinson led by 27 runs for his second win in the series as an injured Colorado team returned to the final of Friday night’s semi-finals.

“Hutch is our boy. And he’s an easy guy he’s happy for. Hopefully he can repeat his performance [for] Game 7, ”said Avalanche coach Jared Bedner.

In Game 5, the Stars were undone by a terrible first period that gave Colorado five goals. In Game 6, Dallas could not get on the track due to four consecutive penalty calls in the first two periods.

“It’s not ideal,” Bowness said. “We have several key guys sitting on the bench. We shot ourselves in the foot with penalties. Whether they score or not, their best players are on ice and they are getting into the game and giving momentum to their team Huh.” . ”

Badnore praised his team’s ability to stay out of the box.

“We only had one penalty tonight and it was accidental. More disciplined on retaliation-type stuff and more intelligent on how we handle our physicality,” he said.

The top line came through an avalanche.

Nathan McKinnon set the crucial goal for Mikko Ranten’s 3–1 lead to start the third period and then put his ninth score of the playoffs into an empty net. Ranten also set up a tiebreak goal by Kale Makar in the second round.

The top line of stars was silence.

There was not a point between Jamie Benn, Tyler Segin and Alex Radulov and produced just one shot on each goal. Seguin has not had a point in the last three games. Radulov has just one assist in that period.

“Their top players are born. Our top players are not,” Bowness said. “Don’t sugar it. Your top players will have to move in this time of year. They have to produce.”

Anton Khudobin made 20 saves in the loss for Dallas. He was due to be out of Game 5 of the series, but starter Ben Bishop’s return from injury proved disastrous, as he scored four goals on 19 shots in ice time before being pulled.

The victory of Game 5 started the Avalanche rally in this series. When asked about Bishop’s status for Game 7, Bowness said he is “ineligible to play.”

The coach asked whether Bishop was brought back at the start of Game 5 due to an injury, his first match since August 13.

“It was no hurry,” he said. “Listen, if you’re trying to make a story out of it, it’s not a story. It’s a back-to-back game. Your No. 1 goalscorer comes to you and says he has two good ones Treats, he feels good and that’s good. ” Back-to-back, you’re not going to say, ‘No.’ He wants the ball. He wants to go in and he feels good. It’s either his or a kid who hasn’t played a single minute in the NHL. Like, that’s not even a story for me.

“Bish needed the ball. He wanted to go in. He was the No. 1 goalkeeper. He took Tampa Bay to the finals five years ago. He’s one of the top goalkeepers in the league for the last five or six years … Not even an issue. If he says he is ready to go, then he is ready to go. ”

Unfortunately for Dallas, this is familiar territory.

The Stars had a 3–2 series lead over the final postseason over the St. Louis Blues in the conference semifinals. They lost Game 6 with a score of 4–1. They lost to Game 7 in double overtime.

Seguin said, “We’ve got a chance to capitalize on ourselves. As an organization, we’re trending the right way. It’s the next step. It’s a big step.”


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