Ava Max had doubts about her pop career: ‘I Never Thought I Would Make It Through’

After 10 years of Ava Max’s success single “Sweet But Psych” on the Billboard Hot 100 in June of 2018 – she is crossing the charts again with her new hit “Kings & Queens”. The track’s success comes at the right time, as the pop singer / songwriter’s debut album, heaven Hell, Will be released on 18 September.

What is it like for Max to see “Kings and Queens” climbing the charts? (On Pop Popplay’s chart date 19, the Hawaii song chart also increased 24-22.)

“I feel very grateful for the music being released and people are listening! Especially during an epidemic! “Max Reveals Billboard Pop Shop Podcast (Listen Below).

“I know a lot of people are struggling right now. Music, for me, is medicine. And I just couldn’t hold it back and I’m so happy that people are responding to it. Again, I am grateful to those who can relate to this song. ”

While “Kings and Queens” is Max’s second Hot 100 hit, she’s been racking up an increasingly large-scale streaming number over the years. According to Nielsen Music / MRC data, the demand for their songs collectively in the US is 1.17 billion on demand streams. “Sweet” amounted to 692 million of that amount, but she did “Kings” (94 million), “So Mi” (158 million), “Not Your Barbie Girl” (73 million) and “Salt” (50 million). All tunes are saved on 15-track to “Barbie” heaven Hell Album.

Below are some highlights from Max’s chat with the pop shop podcast, stating that she is “living proof that it can take 15 years to make any industry what she thinks of a tour in support of” heaven Hell May sound (“This is going to be wild”) and why there are no ballasts on the new album.

Can you talk to us about how the “Kings and Queens” came together?

The song actually came together in a lot of different ways. It came in parts. Like, Madison Love and I, we – I mean, if you want to get technical – (wrote) poetry and pre-chorus, and wrote that part. And then the chorus we kind of (co-producer and co-writer) met on RedOne, but it was completely different from what we were now. Therefore it was not called “Kings and Queens”. You still had nothing to hear. It was just the melody. (Sings “Da da da da da.”) And we were like, ‘Oh, this is good.’ But then we just made it our own (co-writer) Leland, Madison Love and I, and (co-writer / co-producer) Cirkut, we got it in the studio and we just made it what it is now – “Kings And Queens. ”

We saw that you listed Desmond Child among the songwriters and who threw us for a loop to each other, but then we realized that the child song “If You Were A Woman” [and I Was a Man]”). How did it add to the song and tune?

You know, Cirkut and RedOne met in the studio and played their magic. And when we all heard it, we loved it. I mean, it was just such a production thing.

“Kings and Queens” has this empowerment – it’s awful. You talked about how the shape of the song has changed over time. Was that kind of your goal to always have a song where it fit into the “I’m a fierce woman” theme?

I think that for me, as you can see, this is a theme throughout my songs … I think you can tell that I’ve definitely been called “no” a lot of times. And I’ve reached the point where I look back now, and I’m like, “Look who’s laughing now?” For example, the new song I just released (titled “Who Laughing Now”). And it really means a lot to me as well. These anthems, I think, can help someone else I was doing something about. And also, I am proof that it can take 15 years to make it an industry and for me it was the music industry. But, you can make it in the end. And there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I know that, you know, there have been some moments in my past that have been dark, and I never thought I’d make it. And now, you know, I look back and I’m so happy that I was leaving and didn’t choose a different career.

Your new album (heaven Hell) Works for a while, so what does it feel like (it’s almost out)?

It looks real … now it starts to look real. It didn’t seem real until now. (Editor’s note: This interview was recorded in August.) Like, well, here we go, it’s coming out. And there is nothing I can do about it. It is coming to the fore. (Laughs.) People are going to hear it, and people are going to judge it, and people are gonna love it, hate it. You know, I polarize a lot, and I know that. And I’m fine with it. And I’m excited to see which songs are people’s favorites.

Are you feeling this type of worry, “What are people going to think about this song?”

You know … the album has a duet that people are not going to expect from me. They are a little cooler, feel vibier. Like, excited and doesn’t like dancing. There are two out there that are kinda soft and I think people are definitely going to do, “Oh, well, not every song is like super upbeat.” But there are no obstacles. It is like a mid-tempo. The only mid-tempo. (Laughs.)

That’s interesting. Why did you go anti-ballad on this album?

‘Cause I’m all or nothing. Like it, I really feel like it. I am really And I couldn’t just do a saga. If I am going to have an album with a ballad, I want at least four solid ballads. And we didn’t just want to get out the dance and anthem that was already there. So I think maybe I’ll have a ballad-filled album one day, we’ll see. (Laughs.)

The last time you were on a podcast a year or so ago, you talked about the hope of going on a tour together. Do you still have a vision to take music on the road next year, COVID? Have you already thought about what the tour might look like?

I have. This is going to be very, very dramatic. And it’s going to be wild. Is a wild word. Like, it’s going to be really wild, because I’m a visionary – I really look at things before I finish a song. I know what I really want the video to be like, what color I want (to be) in the video. it’s so weird. I’ve been like this all my life – how I see it playing in my head. So, I’m really excited for a tour. We had plans for the US, in fact, in September and October (2020). But we couldn’t announce it, so we canceled it, because, you know. So I was excited about it, but you know, one thing called an epidemic hit. (Laughs.) … I just know that I’m excited to be back on the road and I can’t wait for my first official world tour right now heaven Hell.

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