Ava DuVernay will direct a superhero movie & # 39; New Gods & # 39; This is what that means.

Darkseid is … under the direction of Ava DuVernay.

The director of "A Wrinkle in Time" will direct the film version of "New Gods," one of the most prized properties of DC Comics, created by comic book legend Jack Kirby in 1971.

universe "New Gods" presents some of the most popular characters of DC Comics out of his famous trinity Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, including Darkseid, his son Orion and Mister Miracle.

In December, DuVernay insinuated his interest in "New Gods" while tweeting that Big Barda was his favorite superhero. On Thursday, she tweeted a picture of Kirby.

Darkseid is considered by many to be the best villain of DC Comics. Many fans were upset that Darkseid was not the villain in the very vicious "Justice League" movie, a move that makes a bit more sense now if it turns out that a "New Gods" movie was being developed while "Justice League" It was in production.

Darkseid (top / center) is probably a nice part of a "New Gods" movie by Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment. Art by Jason Fabok. (DC Entertainment)

If DuVernay and WB / DC can do this adaptation well, fans will probably forgive the decision to use the Stepphenwolf much weaker and much less interesting than "Justice League's" antagonist.

DuVernay has a wealth of comic book treasures to use with the New Gods, from Kirby's early career and John Bryne's work to the current Washington-criticized miniseries "Mister Miracle." the writer Tom King and the artist Mitch Gerads. Fans will undoubtedly be anticipating the drama of the complicated father / son relationship of Darkseid and Orion. (Orion was raised in New Genesis and taught to believe that the shapes of his father's Apokolips world are wrong.) But sometimes Darkseid's DNA can take control of his temperament, in contrast to Darkseid's typically dark behavior along with the The chaos of his world would be expected to be a master escape artist and Big Barda could have an impact like Wonder Woman in a "New Gods" movie, given his strength and bravery. [

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In 2015, it was widely reported that DuVernay was in the competition for being the director of the Marvel Studios' black panther, " Black Panther. "That role finally went to" Creed. "" Director Ryan Coogler after DuVernay took away his consideration of the work. "Now, this news of" New Gods "slightly distracts from the rumor of the new trailer of" The Avengers. " : Infinite War "by Marvel Studios, which fell on Friday morning. if it is an intentional movement of DC against his opponent it is difficult to say, but surely DC has to be happy with the (for now) positive news from online movies.

Any real-action movie "New Gods" would be an expensive CGI production, two things that DuVernay is now familiar with after directing "A Wrinkle in Time" for Disney. A "New Gods" movie represents the kind of bold decision that shows that WB / DC will not allow previous failures and polarized movies to prevent them from returning to their glorious days of creating superhero movies.

The DC Extended Universe has had other signs of hope recently. "Wonder Woman" by Patty Jenkins was a hit and produced an upcoming production sequel, and there is hope that James Wan's "Aquaman" (starring Jason Momoa and that will hit theaters in November) will have the same impact. "Shazam!" It's in production (starring Zachary Levi), but the photos leaked so far do not inspire much fanboy approval.

WB / DC is likely to wait for DuVernay to push them in the right direction, and that the New Gods can give them a new clbadic.

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