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Ava DuVernay, WBTV signs agreement for $ 100M

Ava Duvernay Wbtv Sign 100m Deal

Ava DuVernay, who is working on a big-budget adaptation of the DC comic "New Gods" for Warner Bros. Pictures, is expanding her relationship with the studio.

DuVernay has signed a multi-year contract with Warners Television, one for a reported value of $ 100 million, which will guarantee that it will be the exclusive destination of all the diverse projects related to DuVernay television, including comedy and drama series, specials, documentary and digital. content.

Unlike other recent important agreements that producers have made with Netflix or Amazon, DuVernay's agreement with Warners TV means that everything that it produces could end up in any number of networks or transmission services. Nor does it interfere with his cinematographic work in any way.

Currently producing "Queen Sugar" for OWN and the upcoming limited series of CBS "Red Line". She will finish her proposed series of "Central Park 5" and the documentary Prince before working for Warner television.

Source: The Playlist

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