Authorities identify the fourth body that belongs to the lost family of California


Searchers last week along the Eel River in northern California. Authorities recovered two bodies belonging to a family that disappeared during a road trip this month. A third body recovered last week was also linked to the family.

Shannon Barney / Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, through the Associated Press

Northern California authorities said Monday night that they had recovered and identified the bodies of the four members of a California family who disappeared on a road trip this month. [19659005LosbuscadoresenelríoEelenLeggettCaliforniarecuperaroneldomingoloscuerpossumergidosdeSandeepThottapillyde41añosysuhijaSaachide9dijolaoficinadelsheriffdelcondadodeMendocinoenuncomunicadoellunesUncuerporecuperadolasemanapasadafueidentificadocomolaesposadelSrThottapillySoumyade38añosElcuerpodesuhijoSiddhantde12añosfuedescubiertoalrededordelas4pmEllunesseidentificórápidamentedijeronlasautoridades[19659005] It was believed that the family was on vacation when it was reported that had disappeared last week. Mr. Thottapilly and his daughter were found inside a vehicle in approximately four to six feet of water.

"The visibility was extremely bad and the divers noticed that the vehicle was encased in a large amount of sediment from the river current", Capt. Gregory L. Van Patten, field services commander of the sheriff's office, said in the statement.

On Sunday, about 70 people deployed along the river, which is about 180 miles north of San Francisco. Just before noon, searchers aboard a boat smelled the gas coming from the water below, according to the statement. They soon found the vehicle, and the divers reported feeling what they thought was a person inside.

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