Weikirchen: motorists came into dispute

Weikirchen: motorists came into dispute

Two truck drivers, a 57-year-old from Linz and a 29-year-old from Bavaria, injured each other on Monday at 10:20 in Weikirchen on a company campus.

The German citizen had parked his truck shortly before the unloading station and thus curtailed unimpeded access for the Bosnian from Linz.

The dispute escalated, there were mutual strikes in the face and on the upper body. After the altercation, the Bayer went back to the Linzer and used pepper spray. Then it was quiet for a while, but a few minutes later it came again to physical arguments and the 29-year-old used his pepper spray again.

Finally, the head of warehouse logistics told the police. The two defendants were taken to the Wels Clinic with the rescue, they had slight bruises and the 57-year-old had eyes slightly flushed with the pepper spray.

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