Villach's mayor does not resign after guilty verdict «

The Villach mayor Günther Albel (SPÖ) sticks with it: Although he was not legally convicted of false certification in office, he will not resign. The state court Klagenfurt had fined him on Thursday with a fine of 14,000 euros. In the process it was about shortcomings around the counting of votes in the (now suspended) Federal Presidency runoff in May 2016.

Albel now stressed on Friday that not Villach alone was responsible for the lifting of the ballot by the Constitutional Court. Errors had happened in 13 other constituencies, and results had been forwarded to the media before the end of the election. From the side of the SPÖ Albel threatens probably no resignation pressure. State party chairman Peter Kaiser said Albel had admitted mistakes and accepted the sentence. With that he had fulfilled his responsibility.

Albel has already accepted the verdict. Because the prosecutor made no statement, it is not yet final.

FPÖ calls for Albel's resignation

A resignation call to Albel was made on Friday by the FPÖ. State party secretary Josef Ofner criticized the "Persilschein" emperor for Albel, with whose legal violations would be dismissed as a "trivial offense". The "striking indifference of the SPÖ Carinthia" is probably also related to the fact that the emperor himself is "afflicted with a diversion in connection with the Top Team Causa". The FPÖ's objection to the runoff election result was "fully justified."

Albel, however, turned to the public in a Facebook video. he will pay the 14,000 euros from his own pocket, he announced. In addition, the mayor pointed out that it was he who "ended a long time ago practiced system once and for all". Now voices in Villach are counted "by the point and comma of the law". Election leader is no longer Albel. This function is now performed in Villach by the magistrate's director with a second, legally qualified person.

Albel's Facebook video:

A disciplinary procedure is still pending in the city of Villach against the official who made the premature counting. This rests, however, until criminally against him everything is completed. The man retires in December, but could, with a corresponding decision in the disciplinary proceedings, even after that lose claims, said Albel.

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