Tomorrow starts Tempo 140 |

Tomorrow starts Tempo 140

LINZ. Test operation on the A1 – Environmental Council Anschober speaks of "false signal".

 Tomorrow launches Tempo 140

Test operation launches (vowe / OÖNGrafik) Bild:

Tomorrow begins the test operation for Tempo 140: On the West Motorway (A1) between Haid and Sattledt drivers are allowed to drive 140 km / h in the future, as well as between Melk and Oed in Lower Austria. As reported Transport Minister Norbert Hofer (FP) has scheduled the project for a year now, then the data are evaluated. On their basis, it is decided whether a higher speed limit will apply on other sections of the motorway in the future.

Upper Austria's Environment Councilor Rudi Anschober (Greens) rejects the plan: higher temps mean more fuel consumption and thus increased pollutant emissions. "A few kilometers of Tempo 140 on the Western Motorway will not adversely affect the global climate," says Anschober. "But I think that's the wrong signal right now." He would therefore like to observe the development of emissions in the affected sections together with Asfinag in the coming months. In Allhaming, nitrogen dioxide exposure is calculated to average 30 micrograms per year. The Austrian limit is 35 micrograms.

From when is flashed?

Klaus Scherleitner, head of the traffic department of the police in Upper Austria, affirmed yesterday on Ö1 what he had already said in a previous week's OÖNachrichten-exclusive report. Accordingly, in the Tempo 140 test zone in this country only punished when the radar measurement results 159 km / h. This is because the state of Upper Austria has set a tolerance limit of 10 km / h on the motorway. In addition, another five percent would come because of possible measurement inaccuracy. Measure the officials with a – more accurate – laser gun, the device must at least 156 km / h show that it will be punished.

less tolerant shows the state of Lower Austria. According to Willy Konrath, deputy head of the local police department, there is no limit of tolerance set by the state government as in Upper Austria. Therefore, according to Konrath only the measurement tolerances come into play. In laser pistol measurement in Lower Austria can therefore be punished from measured values ​​of 145 km / h, with radar controls from measured values ​​of 147 km / h.

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