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"They are not in Bosnia": heckles against Zadic

During her speech on the Cause of BVT, Mushroom MP Alma Zadić was disturbed by covert interjections.

Loud expressions of dissatisfaction in the National Council are nothing unusual in itself, but the undercutting voices against the list Mushroom MP Alma Zadic in the BVT special session still had an aftermath on Tuesday. They were voiced by two men from the ÖVP and FPÖ factions. National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) announced that he would discuss the cause during the meeting on Wednesday.

The Bosnian-speaking Zadic spoke in his speech about the protection of intelligence officials and according to the minutes of the interjection "They are not in Bosnia Do not confuse that! " interrupted. At first it was said that this statement was made by Werner Neubauer (FPÖ), which he denied immediately. The stenographic department in parliament then admitted that they mistakenly attributed the quotation to Neubauer and corrected the protocol. In a statement, the FPÖ MP also demanded an apology from Zadic for the "false accusations."

Because a little later it turned out that the Bosnian interjection came from ÖVP mandate Johann Rädler. "That's fine, otherwise I would not have said it … Bosnia is an insecure country with corruption and other incidents – and not Austria," said Rädler of the daily newspaper "Kurier". His interjection was "not xenophobic, nobody can accuse me." He was with Zadic, who comes from Bosnia, in the Bosnian Friendship Group of Parliament, have housed after the war Yugoslavia Bosnian refugee families in his community and equipped a hospital and a Red Cross station in Bosnia. "To portray myself as xenophobic is simply ridiculous."
An apology for Zadic will therefore be "certainly not," said Rädler the "courier". "Since the woman Zadic must apologize that they described Austria as insecure.I do not let the wife Zadic Austria bad."

Excitement caused but a second interjection in the same debate: "Alma, with me you sure! ", said FPÖ-mandator Wolfgang Zanger and this he did not influence. Secretary General Christian Hafenecker sees in this no sexism: "What is to be misogynistic, I do not know." Hafenecker also referred to the "overall context", because Zadic Interior Minister Kickl "insulted", as it could already come to emotional cries. In general, the Secretary General said: "The re-entry (by Peter Pilz, Note) is the real scandal."

Zadic was indignant at the interjections: "This is a joke and not the first time that my origin in a debate This has nothing to do with BAT and is incompatible with the dignity of the house. " Also List mushroom club boss Bruno Rossmann called at a press conference on Tuesday, the interjections as "seriously sexist and racist" and demanded an apology before tomorrow's National Council meeting.

Need for action, the Second National Council President Doris Bures (SPÖ). She already criticized the way debates are going on during the session. The language would increasingly violate the dignity of the house, she wants to thematize this therefore at the next presidential. SPÖ club boss Andreas Schieder saw Sobotka called for such missteps by MPs have increased in the recent past. Red Mandatresses were repeatedly confronted with underhanded interjections and "cut down by FPÖ deputies." Such behavior "is intolerable," according to Schieder.

The chairmanship of Zadic's speech, which according to the preliminary minutes was interrupted more than 30 times by interjections – mainly from the FPÖ – was led by Sobotka. According to his spokesman, he himself did not hear the subversive statements, but emphasized that he clearly clearly distanced himself from this kind of interjection. On Wednesday, the President of the National Council therefore wants to address the incident at the beginning of the session.

profile interview with Alma Zadic in February 2018.

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