Police officer bitten by dog

A loud argument and a dispute with the police have caused a stir in Steyr's Ennsleite district. A policeman was also bitten in the arm by a dog.

It is not clear yet why at around 8:00 pm a man and his girlfriend became completely groundless for outsiders, according to the police. The 31-year-old man yelled at a pbading police patrol and threw a beer bottle on the street. The police stopped, and the troublemaker did not want to identify himself, but he insulted the policemen loudly.

Dogs pulled off the leash

Then he took one of his partner's two dogs off the leash and held it on the collar and threatened to rush the dog to the police. When the police told the man that it was enough and they arrested him, the drunk rested completely. He hit a policeman in the face and injured him. The officials finally sat down with pepper spray to the defense – not only against the 31-year-olds, but also against the dogs who had torn themselves in the melee.

1.1 per thousand alcohol in the blood

A police officer was even in bitten the forearm. The still rampaging 31-year-old was finally arrested and taken to the police detention center Steyr. An alcohol test revealed 1.1 per mil alcohol in the blood.

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