Persistent heat leads to increased forest fire danger

Experts call for particular caution, especially in the west of Austria, as there is an increased risk of forest fires.

Due to the persistently high temperatures, the low rainfall and the resulting dryness in the forest and on the fields, there is now an increased risk of forest fires in Austria. The province of Tyrol is already calling for special attention. The Landesforstdienst urges the population to refrain from any fire in the forest. Special care should be taken when the fire is open and when barbecuing near the forest. Under no circumstances should smoldering items such as matches or cigarettes be thrown away carelessly in the forest. Anyone discovering a forest fire, should immediately inform the fire department and wait for the arrival of the emergency services at a safe distance from the fire, in order to instruct them as needed.

In Salzburg, too, the forest fire danger increases due to the summer heatwave. Above all, east and south of the state capital, small-scale in the northern Flachgau and in the center of the Lungau, there is currently an increased risk prediction. Again, experts advise caution. "The danger of forest fires will increase in general and especially in those areas that are already more endangered. There is urgently needed heightened awareness, "emphasizes Josef Egger of the Regional Forestry Directorate.

" Due to the persistent dry-hot weather and the rain-free weeks, the danger of forest, hedge and meadow fires has increased in Vorarlberg. Locals and guests should therefore observe important prohibitions and safety rules, "emphasizes Agricultural Councilor Christian Gantner. "Despite the extraordinary drought, Vorarlberg has so far been spared from larger forest, meadow and hedge fires. In order to keep it that way, the relevant prohibitions and rules of conduct should be strictly observed ", says Gantner. As examples, he names the following rules: careful handling of open fire, no cigarette butts throw away, no fire in the forest, at the edge of the forest and in dry meadows ignite, no disposal of charcoal in the vicinity of dry hedges and no vehicles park on highly inflammable underground. Any discarded glbad bottle, foil or can with chemical waste could lead to a fire, so the provincial council. AIZ

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