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28.11.2018 09:29

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Great (m.) With Markus Gandler (l.) And Hans Pum (r.)

Great (m.) With Markus Gandler (l.) And Hans Pum (r.)
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To make the most of the potential of its top team members Dominik Landertinger, Simon Eder and Julian Eberhard and to strengthen their talents. This is how Austria's new male biathlon head coach, Ricco Groß, describes his goals before the start of the World Cup season. The German took over after three years with the Russian knights of Reinhard Gösweiner, during which he had run in the past winter and was no longer desired.

"The team has lost a bit of its potential in recent years, which is why we have already changed some things." We trained well, trained on purpose and, of course, we want to perform well, "Gross said a few days before. of the opening of the World Cup in Pokljuka Of course, the 48-year-old also wants to get in touch with the World Cup in Östersund in March. "Of course, we do not want to go there as tourists," Groß said in an interview. with the APA.

I also needed to recover the loss in the sixth season of the preseason at the start of the World Cup. Last winter, the ÖSV team had achieved only a one-step step with Eberhard's mbad victory at the end of the season at Kontiolahti. Landertinger's Olympic bronze medal in the individual polished this modest balance a bit.

The established aces Landertinger, Eberhard and Eder want to see Groß as quickly as possible again constantly in front. "Everyone has placed on the podium and they have won medals, which you trust above all." In the previous year, with the accumulation of training after an intervertebral disc surgery that fights the former world champion, Landertinger has now stabilized again. With the best runner Eberhard, the often faulty shot is still an important issue. "In training, he is able to successfully fight the disks, that's a base," Gross said of the Sprint Fourth of the Olympic Games.

The young guard for the already in September with a fixed place at the beginning of the World Cup considered Felix Leitner should reach as soon as possible to the top of the world. "We know we have to give a lot of gas in the junior sector, it's important to create a perfect transition, we have developed concepts for this," Groß explained.

Before his stay in Russia, the four-time Olympic relay champion had worked in the German federation as a women's coach and in the IBU Cup. "Of course, different nations and badociations are all a little different, but everything is focused on success everywhere, I can bring my own knowledge from other nations."

In Russia, where he had to fight with the constant consequences of the state doping scandal, Groß did not find a common denominator with the new leadership of the badociation after the expiration of his contract. The ÖSV had, however, "very persistent" for him. In addition, he knows the administrative staff of Markus Gandler well for many years, with badistant coach Ludwig Gredler was in his active time many years together on the road. "That made things easier, I did not fall for something completely new."

In the preparation that had established so many joint training sessions in Hochfilzen, the separate training group Biathlon Forge with Eder is no longer there. "At the base of Hochfilzen we find everything we need," says Groß. Several times, however, the nearby Ruhpolding was also avoided, where the new ÖSV coach has been at home for many years.

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