Longer military service: flank protection of officers

Longer military service: flank protection of officers

VIENNA. VP remains a non-Kunaseks plnen, even recruits and SP refuse eight months of service.

 Prolonged military service: flank protection of officers

Chief of Staff Brieger Photo: APA / ROBERT JAEGER

Enthusiastic officers, rejection from the ranks the recruits and the opposition. This is how the reactions to the Vorsto of Mario Kunasek can be roughly badigned. The Minister of Defense (FP) has announced at the weekend to try to negotiate in the coalition for a prolongation of military service from six to eight months. Where the last eight weeks in the form of troop exercises would later be completed. In return, the pay of the recruits of currently 320 euros to be more than doubled.

Schtzenhilfe yesterday there was little surprising of the new Chief of Staff Robert Brieger. "From the point of view of the military needs and the operational readiness of the troops" Milizbungen would be a "very valuable contribution", stressed Brieger in the ORF radio. Nachsatz: An extension of the basic military service costs of course more. In the sense of responsibility for the security of Austria such an expansion must be worth the money.

The plans in the SP are interpreted quite differently. Instead of fighting for a "proper equipment of the army and an attractive military service, Minister Kunasek wants to carry the budget problems now on the back of the conscript," criticized spokesman Rudolf Plessl.

It is noteworthy that even in the VP Voice in support of Kunasek has found. VP recruit spokesman Dominik Schrott rejects an extension, because from the basic military service in the perception of the recruits "no sufficient personal benefit for their later life pulled" will. Therefore, there is already "little incentive and motivation for a longer voluntary commitment in the militia". Prior to that VP spokesman Michael Hammer has declared a withdrawal of the military service from 2005 for not "useful".

Kunasek has a spokesman in the President of the Austrian officer society. Erich Cibulka has been criticizing the suspension of compulsory troop exercises for years,

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